The Bearded Neurologist: Halloween Costumes for Guys with Beards The Bearded Neurologist: Halloween Costumes for Guys with Beards

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They make fun, noticeable costumes.

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Now you can take regular soldier outfits to the next level by innovating a plastic soldier costume, complete with underfoot bases. Celtic people considered Halloween or Samhain to exist at the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.

Drink "White Russians" and parade around randomly blabbering to anyone about whatever nonsense that lies on the tip of your tongue.

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On Halloween, it is only right that you transform into the sophisticated, enigmatic gentleman who reigned supreme over the party scene.

Grab yourself a t-shirt preferably one with cut-off sleeves Start pumping some iron.

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The warriors originated in 15th century Japan, but have captured imaginations since then. Tarzan Halloween is the one night of the year you can indulge your uncivilized side. Prince Vultan A Prince Vultan costume. Baron Feeling like a blue blood? Manly, muscle-bearing outfits are also a huge draw.

A mulletpolyester errthang and a mustache-sideburn-goatee variation, worn to draw the eye away from some displaced chest hair.

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He probably needs to start planning this one now like, where is he going to get all the cardboard? However, I've found that a couple of biker gloves with painted popsicle sticks work rather well.

His ominous all-black costume exudes an air of mystery that will draw stares. Plague Doctor A plague doctor costume has real history behind it—and a serious fright factor.

The Halloween Beard Guide: Fun Costumes with Facial Hair

Captain Morgan No one heroics notary disabled dating mischief night like Captain Morgan.

Oh, and he has the power to control ice. A zombie costume can be regular clothes with well-placed rips and splatters. Today, they look eerie. These top 75 best halloween costumes for men offer something for everyone: All you need is a tattered blue shirt and a chainsaw.

Bonus points for an actual blimp. What about his Blue Steel?

36 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

Want to up the ante? The oh-so-frilly tuxedo you found at the thrift store needs to finally make a grand entrance. Zeus Greek God It takes a special man to dress as Zeus, the god of all gods.

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Fry, the hero of Futurama, will be a hit costume. Blue The Bearded Neurologist A masterfully manicured, impossibly full beard and an uncanny ability to diagnose obscure ailments from across the room are all you need to pull this one off.

Discover your own dark side by becoming the Dark Knight.

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Switch out your white towel with a majestic blue drape, crown, and a trident. Ninja A ninja is one of the coolest costumes to wear and one of the easiest to make.

Get ready to huff, and puff, and blow your competition out of the water! So, feel free to get creative with your costume here. Makes for an easy costume, too.

Lucas from Stranger Things: Chances are, his black hoodie and backpack are already in your closet. Dracula Vampire Sucking blood never goes out of style. Terrify everyone with menacing face paint and that famous purple suit. Do it as Tarzan in a suitably torn animal print cloth—the wilder you look, the better.

Vintage Barber What do you get if you have a proper handlebar-goatee ratio, a white shirt and some hair gel? The Brooklyn barber costume is still smokin' hot today. Punny and adorable — a dangerous combination. Honor his legacy with a yellow Kill Bill ensemble or just a stretchy pair of pants.

Poseidon Greek God Togas are for amateurs.

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But feel free to get creative with it. Retired David Letterman It's gotta feel good to get out of the suit and let the beard loose. Just say "Dude" a lot and you should be able to pull it off just fine. Skeleton getups will always be fun, sweet looking, and just creepy enough to turn heads.

Become your own antihero with slicked-back hair and a plaid flannel. Put on your Giants or Dodgers baseball cap or, for fun, you can do this with a buddy and have him wear the other!

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Every house hermit will welcome the opportunity to wear moccasins outside in an un-ironic fashion. Indiana Jones Only one guy could make archaeology seem like a badass profession.

This is why I've compiled for you below is a growing and un-groomed list of ideas for all you bearded folks out there. Does he have a black morph suit from some college shenanigans years ago? Plus, the best pirates are the ones with beards! Feeling like a blue blood? Try a character no one else will think of—like the gloriously hairy Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

Blue overallsa red bandanaand a floppy brown leather hat should do it. Tinder App A Tinder costume is a guaranteed winner. Which one is your favorite? If you're a Giants or Dodgers fan, that makes this Halloween costume that much easier to pull off.

25 Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

Samuari A samurai costume might be more complex than most, but the effect is quite powerful. Elliot Alderson, cybersecurity engineer and hacker, is already an iconic character.

Rainbow or Pot of Gold: Aladdin Disney Aladdin, the scoundrel with enough swag to bag a princess, is an instantly recognizable costume. It might be a depressing real-life thought, but the trope sure makes for an entertaining—and super fun to wear—costume.