9 Co-Stars Who Are Dating In Real Life (And 8 Who Are Just Best Friends) 9 Co-Stars Who Are Dating In Real Life (And 8 Who Are Just Best Friends)

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The couple were rumored to have gotten engaged but they are not…yet. Outside of filming The Flash, Gustin and Patton are still totally adorable besties.

But that's a story for another time!

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But since Gustin is currently engaged, we friends stars dating in real life it'll wmbw dating apps happen. Schwimmer is the only cast member native to New York City.

As Metro notes, Benoist has a history of dating her TV co-stars: The actress made an appearance on Good Morning America last year and gushed about her former co-star.

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So we worked really hard on making this aspirational relationship have some truth to it. Initially, Rachel is determined to raise the baby on her own, but later she realizes she needs Ross's help.

Jackson and Williams were together for a long time before they ever revealed their relationship to the public.

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Rachel already knows Ross GellerMonica's brother, as all three went to the same high school and also Chandler Bing as he was Ross's college buddy. It is one of our personal favorite shows. It was the start of a beautiful and more than a little bit jokey friendship that, luckily for us, Gustin and Patton love to talk about.

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But looking at her comments about him, maybe they weren't as dysfunctional as everybody was painting it out to be. We saw these two navigate a will-they-won't-they situation for way too long, and then had to deal with them breaking up once they finally did get together!

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Whether the characters on the show hooked up in friends stars dating in real life life too, or our favorite character is married to someone we would not have expected, this list will answer all of your questions about the real life partners of the cast of Game of Thrones. Matt LeBlanc is a good-natured but not-so-bright struggling actor and food lover, who becomes mildly famous for his role as Dr.

Who are the stars of Game of Thrones dating in real life? | Worldation

In real life, these on-screen siblings are dating. Maybe trying out the new coffee place together could be a fun activity.

The couple leads a very minimalistic lifestyle. That should be reason enough for you guys to binge watch this show. Their romance was very unexpected, several of their co-stars said this during interviews.

The movie they filmed together did not turn out to be a hit or even a very successful one just because they could not bear the sight of each other which affected their working together on-screen. I never left the set. According to People, the couple split in July for unknown reasons.

8 CW Co-Stars Who Actually Dated In Real Life (And 8 Who Are Just Best Friends)

News, King believed that Caroline and Stefan would remain nothing but good friends, while Wesley was convinced that they'd be a couple! A couple years back, it was rumored that Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free were dating after pictures of them hanging out together were posted on Instagram.

Brienne of Tarth Brienne of Tarth is probably the most unstoppable female in all of the 7 kingdoms. Buy a Puppy There is a great chance you will meet other dog owners when taking your dog for a walk in the park, and as a bonus you get a lot of exercise.

They've shared hilarious on set moments.

As Monica and Chandler make plans to have children, [e 29] she offers Chandler advice and support at a fertility clinic. Jessica Hecht originally auditioned to play Monica. Bing", [e 43] where she meets the gang while on a book tour in New York.

Free is now 18 years-old. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte Via telegraph. Cunningham has made appearances in movies such as Clash of the Titans and The Guard.

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Over the course of working together, they got very close. To get rid of her, Chandler pretends he still loves her, causing her to as he had hoped become fearful that he will end up ruining his marriage and she will end up ruining her own as she still loves Chandler as well if she lives next door to him, so she decides not to buy the house after all and walks out of Chandler's life seemingly for good, but does kiss him one last time before she does, much to his surprise.


Anderson is a British singer, songwriter and actor and he is best known for his role on Game of Thrones. Suddenly, his character was no longer sleeping with her character.

They had a whirlwind romance, which, obviously, led to marriage and babies. All six actors appear in every episode. Natalie Dormer has been dating film producer Anthony Byrne since Get a New Hobby Of course, this is a classic way of meeting people.

Janet Hubert was so professional, it wasn't even funny," the actress, 60, said. Lexa succumbs to her wounds after being accidentally shot by Titus, passing away in Clarke's arms. She is a photographer and journalist who has had her artwork and photographs displayed.

Over a year later, they're still going strong and occasionally provide us with adorable insights into their relationship. The two are still friends today. The couple have two adorable daughters together. Is there someone at work or at school who seems nice, friendly, and interesting?

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The couple are intensely private, which is unusual for a celebrity couple. As you can imagine, these on-screen siblings got quite a few weird and wonderful comments from the general public when they first started to date. Bonet and Momoa have 2 children together.

There is always another chance in life. Later, as Marcel sexually matures and begins to hump everything, Ross has to give him away to a zoo [e 17] —"where he can have access to regular monkey-lovin'.

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Like, real best friends. Yeah, it was as awkward as it sounds.

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The couple tied the knot back in Alexis will always be Rory Gilmore for us but in reality, she is her own person. InMonica tries to impress him in an attempt to get a job at his restaurant, and Phoebe tells him he is welcome to go to her apartment and try her food there, but he gets stoned on the journey there and consequently acts obnoxious.

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They were checked into the same hotel and both were away from home. In best case you meet new friends. He was a great dancer and he was fearless.