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Phoebe and Joey join Rachel at a charity auction. As Mononna, she and Fake Monica have a great time Chandler resolves to not make fun of his friends for a week.

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Chandler seeks advice on relationships from Rachel and Ross. Now, no pressure, you like my cookies, you give me the star. Joey and Chandler have to get a new table, but can't agree on which one; they end up with a foosball table; Monica rules the foosball field. Phoebe's new psychiatrist boyfriend, Roger, depresses and angers everyone.

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The gang is shocked to hear the news Do you feel better? Joey finds apw garage ossett dating similarities in Chandler's and Monica's stories about the weekend, and figures out the truth; Monica and Chandler swear him to secrecy.

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Monica dates Ethan, a younger man who turns out to be even younger than she thought; she breaks up with him because it's just too icky. Ross and Rachel's, Ross is returning from his date. Then he gets sidetracked on re-tiling Monica's bathroom floor.

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Ross and Chandler share personal information, which leads to some unpleasant side effects for Ross. Monica inlists the help of her Aunt Iris to give them some poker tips; the girls still don't do so well.

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Rachel friends chandler and phoebe flirting techniques her first real date since finding out about Ross' feelings for her.

Rachel asks Ross to come over, but just so she can return some of his stuff; Ross gets upset and demands all his stuff back, including a tiny t-shirt that Rachel likes to sleep in. Joey gets an audition for a Broadway musical, but he can't dance. Gunther pines for Rachel.

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Heckles could play the oboe; Rachel contemplates her upcoming marriage to Barry; Mr. Ross goes out with Celia, a woman from the museum, who wants him to talk dirty; it's a skill he hasn't quite mastered The others kill time in Monica's apartment, lit by the light from a Menorah, telling stories of the weirdest places they ever had sex.

Whenever Rachel is around, Ross goes out of his way to mention Amanda, a single mother he's been seeing; Rachel counters by dating Josh, a much younger man; however, Amanda uses Ross as a babysitter so she can date another man, and Josh steals from Rachel.

Joey gets carried away with a mailbox project and ends up building an entertainment center; he mistakenly cuts Chandler's door in half in the process.

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He calls Joey for advice, which leads to attempts first with powder and then with lotion, which just make things worse. Ross reveals his high school crush on Rachel. They end up fighting the whole time and Chandler's afraid it may be over.

So you guys go, have a really good time. Ross secretly tells him about the "hug and roll"--a maneuver designed to end the cuddling and give you some space.

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Ursula knew about their real mother all along, but never told Phoebe. Monica gets a new position as Head Lunch Chef, also in charge of purchasing, who has her own little desk when Roland's not thereand a beeper. Phoebe and Monica buy a van with a mural, flashing nipples, and other "extras" for their catering business; Monica fills in for a food critic in a small local newspaper; after she gives a restaurant a scathing review, they offer her a job as the new head chef; she has to chose between it and the catering business.

Joey resolves to learn how to It seems to be going very well until Rachel discovers that Danny has an unusually close relationship with his sister, Krista. Their guilt gets the better of them, however, and they arrange for Ross' application to be rejected.

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She becomes a street musician, outside Central Perk. However, one by one the other friends join them.

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Rachel creates a fake party for Emily, which is really an excuse to spend time with Joshua outside of work; she makes a fool of herself trying to make him like her Rachel and Monica are frightened by a hairy man in a dark storage room; the "Yeti" turns out to be Danny, a new tenent in the building.

Phoebe tries to come to terms with the cruelty of having a Christmas tree. Monica's Grandmother dies, and Ross falls down the open grave, and gets high on pain killers.

Phoebe flashes the other team. At first she is turned on by his power to close places down, but soon realizes that they're running out of good places to eat.

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Ross worries about whether he can be a good father; he seeks comfort from his friends and advice from his father. When you say used, do you mean eat as a pre-cooking snack?

Joey makes good use of his "Word of the Day" toilet paper. Joey and Chandler, feeling like they don't have much going on in their lives compared to their friends, try to make some big plans They narrowly make it to the right airport, where Ross declares his love for Rachel, but she gets on the plane anyway.

Ross has a problem with rage after someone at work steals his Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich. Joey yearns for Kate, but since he can't have her, he goes out with her understudy; things get hot between Joey and Kate during rehearsal, however, and they end up sleeping together