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Apocalypse introduces Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey, and begins exploring "how powerful she is".

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This new information comes from Comic Genre, which reportedly attended a "speaking engagement with some high-level Fox production crew members," where it was revealed that those who have worked on the X-Men movies behind-the-scenes have been told that their services are no longer required, since the franchise is shifting over to Disney.

The poofing dating advice was also looking to negotiate new deals with Lawrence, Fassbender, McAvoy, and Hoult to return.

Fox Announces Deadpool 2, New Mutants And X-Men: Dark Phoenix Release Dates

Development[ edit ] After joining the film X2writer Zak Penn convinced director Bryan Singer not to adapt the Marvel Comics ' storyline " The Dark Phoenix Saga " for the film, believing it was "too soon to go into the Phoenix story and it was too soon to get cosmic.

This report from Comic Genre has not been confirmed, and they fox dating phoenix not identify which, "high-level Fox production crew members" were at this "speaking engagement.

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If a new report is to be believed, Dark Phoenix will be the last "proper Fox Marvel movie", presumably ending the series' continuity. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is said to be, "hoovering up" all of the Fox Marvel characters for Phase 4, but no specifics were revealed, including if the same actors from the Fox Marvel movies will continue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Still, there is no indication if this movie crosses over at all with X-Men: This report claims the director didn't "plan ahead" enough, resulting in the digital effects department having to re-build sets that were destroyed.

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Supernova, and would begin filming that June. At that time, Chastain was in talks to join the cast as Shi'ar Empress Lilandrathe film's villain. The new February release date was noted as having the film release away from any other major studio films, while placing it on President's Day weekend which proved to be successful for Deadpool and Marvel's Black Panther.

New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and Dark Phoenix release dates revealed

Dark Phoenix pushed from November 2, to February 14, He also reiterated that he would adapt "The Dark Phoenix Saga" differently to how he did for The Last Stand if given another opportunity to do so.

This report also claims that X-Men: This isn't terribly surprising, considering that the studio shifted the Dark Phoenix date intobut this report claims that the studio is not "entirely pleased" with the work of longtime writer-producer Simon Kinberg, who makes his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix.

It will also be interesting to see how this merger alters plans for a possible Deadpool 3 sequel, especially since Disney doesn't make R-rated movies, or the potential X-Force movie that is being set up by Deadpool 2. Dark Phoenix is currently undergoing reshoots, which involve entire sets that need to be reconstructed after they were already torn down.

Dark Phoenix to Be Fox's Final X-Men Movie?

This report also claims that these production members on the 20th Century Fox side have been left with their future in doubt, regarding their time with the company, once the Fox-Disney merger is officially approved, which is slated to happen sometime in mid He said that they had begun discussing the story for the film during post-production on Apocalypse, and that they wanted to do "something bold and radical and expand the universe in the same way that Logan feels bold and radical and certainly Deadpool does as well.

Additionally, Kinberg and the studio had been looking to change the film's release date for "some time" to avoid competing with the Christmas-oriented film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Kinberg stated that he and Penn were ultimately unhappy with how the adaptation turned out as well.

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They chose to adapt the "Dark Phoenix Saga" as only one of the film's "parallel storylines", with an executive at 20th Century Fox suggesting that the " Gifted " storyline also be in that film.

Apocalypse would set up elements for such a retelling. What this report doesn't mention is how The New Mutants will fit into Marvel's plans.

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The film was described as being the most sinister and somber of the franchise, with McAvoy finding it to be the most emotional of the X-Men films he had worked on.

Jessica Chastain was also potentially being looked at for the same character. Kinberg and Singer both expressed interest in this, and hinted that 's X-Men: McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult 's contracts from the previous trilogy had ended, but Kinberg was optimistically writing the new script with them in mind.

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