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Even on his minihompy on Cyworld BlueFaitha photo of this famous line turned tattoo is posted.

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In addition, he also composed the rap in bandmate Junsu 's song, "Xiahtic". Comeback and Japan activities[ edit ] Park confirmed to hold a fan meeting and mini concert titled "Reunion: He has a big heart. Micky the songwriter Being musically inclined since childhood, Micky has written over songs up to date, 5 or so of which have been published, performed live and included in the albums and singles TVXQ released.

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Park's third role was Lee Gak, a Joseon era prince who time-travels years to the present day, and also as Yong Tae-yong, third generation of conglomerate. When he was in his teenage years, he was conscious of his hair that when it got messed up even when he was already in school, he would go back home to fix it.

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He was later signed as an artist by S. He was also one of the featured rappers on the song "Heartquake", a track from Super Junior 's third album, Sorry, Sorry. On November 7,Park returned to television by participating in his fourth drama, MBC 's Missing You[21] in which he portrays homicide detective Han Jung-woo who, in the past when he was fourteen years old, was separated from post grad problems dating police first love.

He is action over words. His mother is managing both shops and Micky also checks up on his business each time he goes back home in Korea.

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Miraculously, after ten years, when Micky tried to play with a dog, he never had any allergic reaction. Lee to one year and six months and 2 the gang member Mr.

Both sides agreed to retiring every judicial accusation against each other and not interfering in each other's actions.

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His brother Yoohwan is said to have the same tattoo. However, he was prone to allergies, especially to animal fur. Through their lawyers, the members stated that the year contract was excessively long, schedules were held out without the confirmation or permission of the members, contract terms have been extended and changed without their knowledge or consent and that the group's earnings were not fairly distributed to the members.

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According to Park Umma, Micky likes to drink and he usually drinks a glass of wine when he composes. He gave us really good advice. Remember the Memories" on March 10 and 11, as his first public appearance after being discharged as a public service worker.

Hwang to two years and six months one year less than prosecution's demand. He made some little changes on the lyrics and the arrangement of the song and it only made the song sound more emotional and heart breaking. Also, he admitted that he has fear of heights or being lifted up in the air.

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In fact, his hair is one of the mostly searched topics on Korean websites. He portrayed Lee Seon Joon, a wealthy, passionable and studious nobleman, who falls in love with his fellow schoolmate—a woman disguised as a man. Before our debut, he would bring us snacks and supported us. In the spring ofthe pair were invited by Vogue Korea to attend their Fashion Pet event and the pair strutted their way to the event with poise and grace.

In fact, Micky even mentioned Harang a couple of times in his thank you notes for their 4th album Mirotic.

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But they still watch horror movies anyway. His collarbone and neck are sexy indeed, not to mention his broad shoulders which are to die for! The drama started airing on March 21, Still, he never gave up in trying different sorts of hairstyles.

His co-members would tease him often because his wide forehead was emphasized in that hairstyle.

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He also gets easily scared of horror movies, just like Yunho. Micky performed this song at their 3rd Asia Tour-Mirotic solo.

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Micky asked for her advice when he was writing Love Bye Love, but later he was still the one who picked the title and called it Love Bye Love.

There was even one time when umma joined him drinking. Even his mother admitted that as a young boy, Micky loved to dress up.

Quite right since on the first half of the year, not only was he able to get a new ride, he also started to venture in the business world.