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Display more examples Results: They fished a man's body out of the anacostia. During the last part of the month, the corpse of a man in the municipality of Zinacantepec with at least three bullet shots was found on the board of an automobile and there was also a message signed by the criminal group.

Police in Gary, Indiana, have been unable to identify the bodies of a young man and woman Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

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Authorities have yet to identify the body of one manbut the second is confirmed to be Dr. Um die Leiche ihres Mannes in Empfang zu nehmen. We can only confirm that the body of a man in his mid-seventies was Der Polizei in Gary, Indiana, ist es bisher nicht gelungen Der Staubsauger lief noch immer.

The dead body of a man was found nearby.

Ich hab ein Mann, der gar nichts kann (Lassus, Orlande de)

In Chalco, with a shot in the forehead the corpse of a man was found in a solitary street of the Colony the Naranjo and underneath the body they found a case perforated by a firearm of calibre She's dropping bodiesmanwhich means we got to drop her.

When the smoke clears, the body of a man will be found. A week later, Ping was discovered in the apartment alongside the body of her ownerand the vacuum had been running the entire time. Coincidence wanted that on the day that German mountain climbers Erika and Helmut Simon crossed the Tisenjoch and pushed to a 3, m height, they found the 5, year-old mummified corpse of a man.

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Man hat die Leiche eines Mannes aus dem Anacostia gefischt. The body of another man was also found in the house. Wenn sich der Rauch lichtet, wird man die Leiches eines Mannes finden.

We discovered your husband's body The 5,year old mummy was discovered by chance by a German couple hiking around in this area 3,mTisenjoch saddle.

By Stefan Schwarz

To collect her husband's body. DNA samples revealed this to be the body of a man who died more than 14 weeks ago. It also left a man's decapitated body lying next to his own severed head. Wir entdeckten die Leiche ihres Mannes neben den Gleisen It was the night for bizarre violence in the city as well, in what appears to be a related case of animal attack, a man has been found brutally slain in Town Street Park.