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Many believe that animal testing benefits only humans, when in fact this research provides vital medical information that can be beneficial to animals as well. AXLR8 aims to fulfill this growing need by providing a focal point for dialogue and collaboration.

Protected by restrictive laws to ensure proper treatment, animals provide critical information for medical progress. Animals have the right not to be experimented on and be forced into painful and fatal procedures to which they will not even benefit.

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Learn some biology and go volunteer for some phase-3 clinical trials if you disagree. The scientists performing the experiments would be viewed as monsters and most likely would be prosecuted for their actions, but nothing is said in regard to the mouse. A Vision and a Strategy", [4] that charted a long-range strategic plan for transforming toxicity testing.

By law, most cosmetics are not even required to be tested. Some are funny, some are disturbing, and many are both.

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I also remember reading, in an issue of the Readers Digest,about the creation of a sanctuary for these animals which were discarded after being used for these tests.

The article and pictures in Star Two ,28 June,describing and depicting the cruelly painful and horrendous ways in which animals have been used for testing of cosmetic, health and flirtymania alternatives to animal testing products have left an indelible mark in my memory.

The developments made by animal research are also helping to preserve endangered species through advanced reproductive techniques. Research into alternatives to replace these species is often neglected, although fish are the third most widely used laboratory animal used for scientific purposes in the EU.

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Ostensibly, they sought to determine the relative toxicity levels of the drugs by examining the webs they created while baked or drunk. If that is the case then the qq world friends dating site of people dying from cancer and other diseases will not be on the up trend.

As the need for alternatives increases, more funding will hopefully be directed to the development of animal testing alternatives, which means successful new treatments for disease without the use of animals in testing.

Medical imaging Medical imaging is able to demonstrate to researchers both how drugs are metabolized by use of microdosingand the detailed condition of organ tissue. Many people argue that animal testing is cruel. May 12, at As another person said, the up-to-date techniques are far more accurate at predicting the effects of products and medicines on humans; aside from the very significant fact that animals are put through the most horrific and needless torture, it simply makes much more sense to abandon animal testing in favour of newer science.

Encouraging alternative methods

Companies can also use information from already existing studies on similar chemicals to predict the properties of their chemical. So they suffer in silence. These animals, just as humans, have dignity and a right-to-life that is being taken away from them for an unjust cause, one in which they do not benefit.

This contrasts greatly with the traditional tests where an animal's fur would be shaved, and then a corrosive chemical would be applied to its back to observe the effects.

Step 2: Developing

Eurogroup focusses on ensuring their protection and works with legislators, experts and industry with the aim of ultimately replacing all animal experiments with viable alternatives. After all do these tests really give true results that the products are safe and effective?

Thank you to the Stars for sharing this article with us. Refinement refers to methods that alleviate or minimize potential pain, suffering, or distress, and enhance animal welfare for the animals used.

Companies should just use ingredients or combinations of ingredients that have already been proven safe, or use natural ingredients that are already known to be safe. I think this is the correct way. So-called breeding companies, such as the Wilmington, Mass.

These tests are reliable, efficient, and accurate in their results. There are also federal laws, such as the Public Health Service Act and the Animal Welfare Act, which "regulate the alleviation and elimination of pain" and also monitor certain aspects of animal care such as "caging, feeding, exercise of dogs, and the psychological well-being of primates".

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Its definitely not a good feeling. It is a fact that these experiments conducted in the name of disease prevention and cure have resulted in the death and permanent scarring of countless animals.

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They then need to agree on whether new tests are needed, once all other available data sources have been gone through.

There is also an alternative to use human tissue samples and culture cells to be used in scientific and medical research instead of animals. Also, the biological process involved in proliferation and metabolism might be modified when compared to larger scales, because the materials have micro-structured scales comparable in size to cells.

Why use poor creatures who have no voice and have done no harm? This group of people does not know the truth about animal research and the scientists involved with it.

New Technologies as Alternatives to Animal Testing

It is documented that the rabbits and mice have gone blind, began to bleed, and even died because of snapping their necks in attempt to break free from the devices holding them in place.

Some animal-testing supporters have acknowledged the positive influence that animal-rights activists have had on their methods. Every year, millions of animals undergo painful suffering or death as a result of scientific research into the effects of drugs, food additives, cosmetics and other chemical products.

The added benefit of using cell cultures is that any vaccines from cell cultures are in a form that is particularly pure compared to one derived directly from the animal. Effective alternatives have been developed allowing scientists and researchers to use highly sophisticated computer programs and other technologies to look at cellular structures, in order to analysis the effects of chemicals and drugs on humans.

Therefore, most data collected by animal researchers are basically useless, resulting only in the painful deaths of scores of defenseless animals, opponents assert.