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Flirty questions to ask a new boyfriend, 6 marriage tips from our fave bachelor nation couple

Questions to Ask a Guy [Best Dirty, Funny, Interesting, Awkward, Flirty]

If you could have any kind of cake made for you in any size, shape, or color, what would it be? Are you a nice drunk or a nasty drunk?

How do you not spend all day looking in the mirror?

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Describe yourself in a single word. Have you ever exchanged naked photos with somebody?

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You just found five dollars on the ground. What strip games have you played in the past?

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Would you ever consider moving in together? Tell me about your parents. What three events made the biggest impact on who you are today? What crazy activities do you dream of trying someday? Can I help you clean your car?

Would you rather go on a road trip with me or with friends? Are you spiritual or religious in any way?

+ Cute, Interesting, Romantic and Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend - Unlock His Heart

Shower sex or pool sex? Where do you like to see girl tattoos? Do you remember the day we met? How would you describe us as a couple?

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What disappointed you about your last girlfriend and led you to want to break up? Here we are sharing best Questions to ask.

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So who is your dream girl…besides me, funny boy? What do you think is my favorite thing about you? Who knows you the best?

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So, just be yourself, girls! What exactly do you want from us being together? So, what did you really think of me when we first met?

Would it embarrass you if I called you a pet name in front of your friends? If I had to move away really far, would you come with me? Do I make you want a future with me?

If you could wake up tomorrow and have gained one ability, what would it be and why?

200+ Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

As you can see that we share almost every type of questions here for guys. What will we do if one of us lost our job? What is the most important thing in your life? Would you ever partake in an orgy? What are you most thankful for?

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What time of day do you find yourself craving me? How would you feel if your girlfriend had a guy best friend?


What is your worst trait? What do you love about me the most? Is there anything that you want to know about me? If I have to work really late, will you have a problem with cooking or picking up some dinner for both of us? What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live?

When was a time that you laughed the hardest?