24 Sexy Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes 24 Sexy Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Flirty makeup for brown eyes, gorgeous makeup tutorials for brown eyes

Metallic Tones for Brown Eyes

The light, shimmery eye shadow complements her medium skin tone, and it accentuates her dark chocolate brown eyes. Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes: Be it nude, fuschia pink or berry pink. The general rule you should follow is that light colors are meant for light-colored eyes, while dark brown colors are meant for dark brown eyes.

For an eye-popping final look, you could even try out some faux eyelashes for extra length and maximum flirting potential. Nina Dobrev Makeup for Brown Eyes: Make your brown eyes shine with these tutorials made just for you! Once you have selected your primer, gently blend it in to your eye lid.

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Just have fun and create different looks everyday. Eyes that are medium brown in color are the easiest to style amongst brown eyes, as pretty much all colors suit them, but the color that suit them the absolute most is green.

Say goodbye to the regular grey smoked out look and apply light and dark yellow and gold shades to your lids and crease.

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Her eyes are well defined with black eye liner applied right into the inner corners of her eyes, and she sports super-skinny, long eyelashes that almost touch her eyebrows. All about the lashes English actress and singer Keira Knightley looks effortlessly glamorous with her bold black eyeliner and long, statement lashes.

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As mentioned before, Shadows in darker shades compliment dark brown eyes. Finish off with some cerise lipstick and healthy, glossy hair for a gorgeous final look. You will have a smooth base to start your work on, a really good blank canvas, if you will. Vanessa Hudgens Makeup for Brown Eyes: Use a champagne or ivory eyelid base color, and instead of going in with a crease color, just apply your falsies.

Get the full tutorial with Lauren McBride 3.

Trendy Makeup for Brown Eyes

Who said sexy smokey eyes can only be achieved by dark eyeshadow colors? Get creative and find which looks suit you — mix different colors and textures while following our guidelines and you may come across an amazing, unique makeup look! Besides looking sultry and luxurious, they will also make any eye color brighter, including hazel and dark brown eyes as well.

Source Always start with a good primer before applying the eye shadow of our choice.

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Shimmery shadow and thick lashes American film and television actress, model, and businesswoman Jessica Alba looks radiantly beautiful with her shimmery eye shadow and thick, dark eyelashes. Finally light yellow complements light brown eyes the best as this color enhances the golden flecks that are present in light brown eyes.

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As usual, blend the lighter shades to your inner corner and lid, and use the darker colors such as the brown and olive as a crease color.

Soft and sooty English actress Carey Mulligan looks gorgeous with her light hazel brown eyes and soft, sooty eye shadow.

Makeup For Brown Eyes | Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Rachel Bilson Makeup for Brown Eyes: Simple Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial This tutorial is perfect for everyone looking for a simple, all-in-one smoky eye makeup. Get this look HERE. Classic sooty eyes Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model Nina Dobrev looks smoking hot with her classic sooty eye makeup.

Eva Longoria Makeup for Brown Eyes: Whether you have lighter or almost black eyes, the mix of shimmery gold and soft browns will accentuate your eyes even more. The blush pink shadow is soft and romantic, and it complements her dewy, peachy complexion.

A good foundation is always necessary, whether we are talking about education or makeup.

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Yet another very important and useful tip for emphasizing brown eyes, that is sometimes overlooked is that you should always liners in dark shades in conjunction with shades that are lighter in color.

Leave your lower lashes bare for a more striking, flirty look. Orange eye makeup looks go perfectly together with subtle, mauve or nude lips and with dramatic, black lashes. The cat eye look is achieved by extending the eye shadow along the upper lash line until it is about the same length as your brows.

If you observe the tiny lighter colored flecks in your pupils, choosing an eye shadow that will complement you the best will be much easier. Bold liner Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz looks sultry and sensual with her bold eyeliner and soft, matte, taupe-colored eye shadow.

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Too easy that even beginners will have no problems achieving it!