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That even if you die, you could still find happiness. I hope I was able to overturn some popular mischaracterizations and help get Nepeta Leijon the proper treatment that she deserves. History[ edit ] Initially, Nepeta was introduced anonymously and without a physical appearance shown, prowling through Equius Zahhak 's workshop before a sudden outburst from him stunned her.

While Equius is extremely clero significato yahoo dating and Nepeta could have just told him to fuck off, he is her moirail and deep down he was looking after her, feeling he could only do that if the two of them were together.

Nepeta also did not even think twice about attacking Gamzee when she saw him kill her moirail before her eyes.

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He deemed Terezi and the rest of the team to be too dangerous for Nepeta to be paired with. It just shows that while Nepeta is strong, she ultimately cares about her friends and their feelings more than her own. Nepeta roleplays as a two-mouthed feline anthropomorph similar to Jade's fascination with furry fandom.

This could be taken to imply that Davesprite was also perhaps subconsciously harboring some sort of attraction to Karkat as well, which makes sense given the frequent throughout A6A6I5 of Dave and Karkat being interested in each other.

Not to mention that her friendship with Terezi is just as, if not more, important. Catapult Capuchin [show] Pesterlogs Nepeta Leijon, also known by her Trollian handle, arsenicCatnip, is one of the trolls.


Equius does act high and mighty about blood color and defending his hobbies and tying quirks. As many things Caliborn has said turned out to be the author's foreshadowing, it is possible they were killed offscreen.

Nepeta's first name is derived from the scientific genus of Catnip, and Leijon is taken from the surname of Anna-Greta Leijon, who was a Swedish Minister of Immigration in and victim of a flirty cat puns for nepeta plot dubbed Operation Leo.

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Possessed of incredible energy, she loves pouncing, tackling, and glomping any of her friends who can't escape her. She chills on her floor with her lusus on a puddle of blood like no big deal.

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That Nepeta hates Terezi and is jealous of her because she got to be with Karkat and that he likes her better. Davepeta's existence was foreshadowed by Caliborn 's drawingswhere he colored Nepeta's hair and claimed to be an original character right before killing them.

Also, the Finnish word for lion is leijona. This is to the extent that even excessive rough-housing with him where Equius demands she stop doesn't get him angry, and Nepeta will actually make an attempt to contain herself when he asks.

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Thank you again and have a great day. While she could have just turned around in the vent and gotten some help, she did not do so, and gave her life for her moirail. Arquiusprite Edit Arquiusprite is, presumably, Davepeta's moirailsince one of his halves is Nepeta's moirail.

She got over this quickly, though, and proceeded to give him a warm, loving pouncegreeting from out of nowhere. At the very least, he is their bro, as they have stated this.

It's possible that Davepeta is vaguely attracted to Arquius, considering they wholeheartedly went along with Arquius's request for them to touch his muscles. The wall is categorized with card suit symbols, hearts representing love Matespritship and diamonds representing friendship Moirallegiance.

Team Adorabloodthirsty, with her. Nepeta Blue Claw Gloves.

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Again, death does not equal weakness. Andrew Hussie started a selfie campaign for people on the internet to take selfies with this picture of Arquius and Davepeta hugging saying that, quote, 'I will delete this fucking website. We even do see her fighting skills when she made quick work of this underling many times larger than she is, beheading both its heads in one swipe.

Instances of doubled-e in a word, such as "sleepy", are replaced by doubled-3 sl33py but she otherwise does not use letter substitution. Davepeta says, in regard to Nepeta's previous attraction to Karkat, that they dont even f33l conflicted about that???

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It helps that Nepeta seems a bit more resistant to Equius's strength than most, meaning she can give him close contact safely, and that Equius seems to be oddly adept at handling Nepeta's childlike love of roughhousing and RPing. However, she has not yet been shown using them, as Equius simply wanted to be sure she had them close at hand.

When Vriska left to free "Sledge Mama" following a telepathic message, Nepeta showed distinct concern for her, as opposed to their usual strife-riddled interactions.

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If I don't see enough selfies out there, I will scrub Homestuck from the Akashic Servers and never speak its name again. But it is not!

But I do want to make a quick note. And as you can see here, Nepeta knows when to drop the puns.

Nepeta leijon

She is a hunter, she hunts dangerous animals on a daily basis and eats and skins them. Nepeta is usually smiling, and has an air of vitality and friendliness about her.

Appearance[ edit ] Like all of her kind, Nepeta has pale gray skin and messy black hair - Hers jawlength, and particularly mussed.

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He once voiced his distaste for pairing the colors orange and green. She was able to leap with such speed and strength so as to knock Equius Zahhak to the floor, and where Equius's lusus Aurthour was bruised by a pat on the head just by Equius holding back, as Equius was holding back while hugging Nepeta, she seemed to not be injured in the least.

I in no way am saying people should stop saying Karkitty or anything like that. Calling her by the nickname "Vwhiskers" a practice which the recipient has, at two different times, mentioned loathing and snidely laughed atNepeta tends to be quite wary of and a bit prone to conflict with Vriska Serket.

Now take a look at this.