23andMe Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit? 23andMe Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit?

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I then asked for her supervisor, she told me no.

What will a genetic test actually tell me?

You even leave dna on the utensils at restaurants. She emphatically told me no, that she would not do it and I would not receive a refund. Illumina has a pilot program for this, as does Invitae. Full details can be found here. I am just hoping for the best.

Top 32 Reviews and Complaints about 23andMe

And could not resolved the case. It is t just your current family that could be targeted, but also as yet unborn nieces and nephews, even decades later. If someone wants your dna badly enough, they'll get it. She did not have a response to them.


I then requested that a retest be done from the already submitted samples or a new samples be done. Is it worth it? I spent almost Cons A widespread reputation for difficulty getting flirttistoori 23 and me reviews touch with the company, poor customer service, long processing times, and vague results.

May 11, I purchased 3 kits ancestry and health for myself and kids. It was worth the money.

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Yet in 23andMe there is no mention of this or anything Scandinavian heritage. I requested to speak to someone else. As with any gene, it depends on whether you have two copies or one. I didn't consent to their health questions, it creeps me out to think that they will sell this info to Big Pharma, to create drugs for diseases I may get someday, but then not be able to afford to save my own life.

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As a result, you may wish to thoroughly research the competition prior to placing your order. You can opt out of the "find a relative" utility if you want. When I asked who her supervisor was, she told me she could not tell me. I do find it odd that the test was rushed but it isn't surprising when the results did not provide accurate or valuable information.

May 24, I have my sample number, my order number, date of order placed, phone number, name, etc. My one daughter also submitted her sample on 2 May.

About 23andMe

Geneticists have studied more people of European descent than other groups, so they have more data on white people. Enter your email below to get started! If I were younger, I'd either not do it, or use an assumed name, temporary email address, and a friend's home address or maybe General Delivery, or such.

I submitted my sample on 2 May. Now, Sergei - armed with this info - starts working out, skydiving, and doing more daring stunts - which included starting an affair with a young Google 20 something chippie from the Marketing department.

How 23andMe Works

In the health report, the results that were returned was essentially a regurgitation of all of the survey questions that I had answered thinking that they were to help 23andMe research instead of using it as my result.

I don't have any inbred genetic issues but I'm concerned that this could be outed at some point in the future. Once your kit has been shipped to the lab or used, no refunds are available. Might genetic variants not picked up by the tests increase or decrease my risk of acquiring these diseases?

Before you send your spit to 23andMe, what you need to know

This concerned me greatly because that would mean the test results received from 23andMe were not accurate and there was a good possibility that the matches I did get would not be the correct cM level, if at all.

They can accurately, down to degree of relatedness, identify relationships out to third cousin, I think. As of the time of this writing, testing kits were available directly through the company, as well as through Amazon. She said she would see if her supervisor would email me within 3 days.

At most, that you carry a DNA variant that, according to research, is associated with a higher risk of a disease. So I paid for it. I asked her how do I read this when the centimorgan result was obviously not correct and the health predictions were not correct.