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Harold Frauenthal, who provided a gift of funds to purchase the theater, an abandoned furniture store, and storage space, which were all burdel de sangre latino dating to the Frauenthal.

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He applied for flirtsignale frauenthal US passport on 6 March at the same time as his elder brother Henry, declaring his intention to go abroad for two months. After the bonds were passed, and everything was finalized, work began in The lighting, sound, and rigging system's were all brought up to the highest current technology, as well as expanded to fit the needs of the theater.

He had studied at the Law School of New York before setting up private practice in that city. Isaac remained a bachelor for the rest of his life and continued to practice as a lawyer.

It was purchased by a community foundation and renamed in honor of A. He benefitted from the residue of his brother Henry's estate following his suicide in He was the youngest child of Samuel Frauenthal 1, a boot and shoe vendor, and Yetta2 Lowenstein b.

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The Frauenthal Theater has also become a popular venue for weddings and wedding receptions, due to the theater's large seating capacity and beauty. JosephFannie b.

The theater was closed from the early s to Isaac first appears on the census when he and his family were still residents at an unspecified address in Wilkes-Barre. Isaac's known siblings were: It houses the historic Frauenthal Theater, the Beardsley Theater, Clark-Cannon Gallery, several meeting rooms, and two rehearsal halls.

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The theater had been brought back to its original glory, along with safety and accessibility improvements. They presented the Rostron with an inscribed silver cup and medals to each of the crew members.

The Community Foundation for Muskegon County operated the Center through the 70's and 80's, however the theater lacked the dressing rooms and support spaces to properly run a show, so they transformed the abandoned furniture store into what is now known as the Hilt Building which houses the seat Beardsley Theater, art gallery, dressing rooms, reception areas, meeting rooms, and rehearsal spaces.

The Center is often home to traveling shows, or musical groups as well.

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Additionally, a new lobby adjacent to the theater was added, featuring two levels, and connecting the foyer of the original lobby with the lobby of the Hilt Building.

The Center is a historical monument in Muskegon Countyand is considered one of the best theaters in Michigan, outside of Detroit. He and his family later settled in Manhattan, New York, appearing there on the and censuses as residents of Lexington Avenue; by the time of the latter record he was described as an unmarried lawyer.

The theater seats people. On the night of the sinking Isaac, his brother and sister-in-law were rescued in lifeboat 5.