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Your morbidity disturbs those around you.

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Secrets of magic and mystery are yours if you desire. You are sensuous and know how to reach the peak of erotic stimulation, because you work at it meticulously. Avoid the supernatural, it has nothing to offer. Meaning of N in the name Mangalam means: Meaning of L in the name Mangalam means: Since the origin of human life on earth, humans have gone through decades to decades exploring and learning about energy and its various sources and how each You have difficulty expressing emotions and drawing close to lovers.

Respect and religion brings peace of mind. It is hard for you to comprehend why people behave silly sometimes. Care with money attains desire.

You can be flirting mangalam active sexually-that is, when you find the time. Like to add another meaning or definition of Mangalam?

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With you, what you see is flirting mangalam you get. Friends admire you because you are hardworking, an ambitious person with slow but certain benefits. Meaning of M in the name Mangalam means: You can be highly critical of you mate, seeking perfection in both of you.

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Brains turn you on. Reason carries you through roughest times. Indifference hurts yourself most of all.

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Outdoor occupations make money. You can easily go to extremes though, running the gamut from insatiability to boredom with the whole idea of sex.

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Sobriety and thoughtfulness promote talent. Sometimes too quick to judge others. You respond to a lover who is your intellectual equal or superior, and one who can enhance your status.

Over indulgence and bad habits are your undoing. Meaning of A in the name Mangalam means: Vitality and enthusiasm, inspire others, prone to ill health, common sense overcomes, irritability and "nerves", create financial and domestic problems.

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You are very competent in your area of work, you are a master of things who often sees the bigger and longterm picture of things. Control sexual urge to avoid unpleasant situations and relationships. Names, sentences and phrases similar to Mangalam.

Your duties and responsibilities take precedence over everything else.

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Having a partner is of paramount importance to you. Enjoy needed solitude, outdoor activities are beneficial.

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Indecision worst enemy, only you can overcome. Avoid risks, they destroy stability. Keep finances under control or they create mental illness.

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You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested in action. You may have difficulty getting emotionally close to a lover, but no trouble getting close sexually.

Travel widely, may choose to live far from home.

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You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. You like perfection, but also like to relax and enjoy life as it comes. You like to work, but you always want a break.