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The scent will peak at about two or three hours before starting to fade; which is helpful if you work in a crowded office in which your colleagues may not want to breathe in a strong scent all day.

And what girl doesn't like that? Finally, there are perfume sticks, a relatively newer type of application that comes in a perfumed wax form. Apr Aspendina i do think this smells like something else I have or have had, I don't get alot of vanilla from it nor do i think i smell honeysuckle not sure what i am smelling really but it is strong and last long I keep getting a whiff of it, i do think its growing on me: It's a fun, sweet fruity fragrance.

Bust this one out for first impression situations.

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This is a sprawling, opulent, and regal scent that has everything possible in it — dark fruits, sweet woods, and spices galore. Ferragamo started as a footwear company that gained fame thanks to film stars and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe who favored its products and continue to do so today.

Know your skin type. Apr Chatnoir Fun in a bottle! Pouring a bucket of cheap stink on your head and chest will ensure a lifetime of dining alone.

But It's just very feminine flirty and fun.

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It's extremely sweet but not like candy. Perfume Perfume is the most concentrated form of fragrance with scented oil making up 20 to 40 percent of its consistency. If you do, your fragrance will fade while your day is far from over.

You feel girly and sweet. The scent is also long-lasting when compared to other fragrances. I'm best dating site that is free lover of honeysuckle, so this scent is a natural for me.

I wish the bottle was more classy, I would hate to have to hide it somewhere in a closet or something, because I am too embarrassed to have it standing on my dresser: Flirtatious, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review.

9 Best & Sexiest Colognes, Perfumes & Eau de Toilettes for Men

The berries are missing from the note pyramid, which is odd because the berries are the strongest note. This is a fragrance for the fresh and clean crowd.

I am thinking of getting the bigger bottle for home and maybe another small one for my purse. Since I have so many similar ones, I don't know why I bought this, other than the extremely cute bottle.

I am on my second bottle, but I do think I have outgrown it. Flirtatious fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information.

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This cologne is as swarthy as they come, with only a slight milk accord in the base to round it out, so go easy, guys. This is a vetiver-based fragrance that comes off cool, clean and confident. It was sweet, but not overbearing. Nice, not so very different than the many others available, but not worth the price even at the inexpensive price it has.

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Amouage Jubilation XXV is a perfume made to honor the 25th Anniversary of this legendary perfume house. Having said that, I really enjoy wearing this. Your personal scent makes an invisible argument for your hotness in a way that nothing else can.

So basically it's not that great but it's okay.

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True sexiness is all about the details. And their scents tend to be lighter and include citrus smells without strong base notes. The berries give it a zesty zingy pep as the vanilla holds it all together. Just enough to feel sweet and yummy Also the berries are subtle as well.

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Dec brookamimi I wore this in high school and loved it. A little of this will go a long way on a long night. User reviews of Flirtatious by Flirt! Rum scents are a style that equals instant attraction for some women.

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It's not really my style anymore, but I'd recommend this as a "starter" for girls just getting into perfume. I don't wear it often because I have other scents that I prefer to wear over it but I would wear it if I didn't have anything else. Your pulse points are the areas of your skin that give off the most heat because they have blood vessels nearest to the surface of your skin.

Commodity Goods — Leather: May c3c I do like this, but I returned my bottle. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Flirt! Basil and rhubarb in the top notes combine to create a sharp, almost liquor-like feel and the suede and tobacco drydown takes the scent into the back room of an exclusive club for a hint of old world elegance.

But some of the best ways to get noticed are confidence, a sense of humor and to look like you can dress for something than your mom dropping you off at summer camp.

The fragrance is a classic aromatic scent — citrus fruits matched with cardamom and ginger, with a bit of vanilla in the base. Identify your pulse points.

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The best time to apply cologne is after you shower. Nov jnet77 I don't detect vanilla on me when I wear this. I can definitely see teens and young women loving this.

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Be wary of applying cologne if you use heavily-scented soapsbody washesdeodorantsetc. Just comfee and you feel like yourself. The analogy above applies to using your cologne properlyi. Nothing creates an aura of masculine power quicker than leather, from genteel suede scents to more in-your-face, black motorcycle jacket styles.

And it also makes for an excellent choice for any big event in your life, also. Apr NatWeb Sugary vanilla fruity floral. Also it's not so icky sweet that you feel like it is too young of a fragrance to wear.

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Its fragrance is masculine and good for work and a night on the town. I didn't mind then that it didn't last. This is a very juicy one! John Varvatos — Vintage: