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Flirties eyelash extensions training certificate, contact us to start your career as a lash stylists today!

This Hands-On Workshop is suitable for individuals venturing into the beauty industry for the flirties eyelash extensions training certificate time as a side income, full time income, beauticians and even individuals who wish to re-train in semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Dreamlash PRO Certification includes 8 easy-to-follow, step-by-step eyelash extensions courses, delivered by a team of knowledgeable, supportive, attentive, and deeply loving educational team.

You are also expected to apply the lower lash extensions a minimum of 20 lashes per eye. Keep it cute with refills done within 3 weeks, after 3 weeks it is considered a full set again.

I took two day class with Nadia and I'm very happy that I chose her.

Advanced Certificate Training Program

To open an account with us you will need to provide proof of certification. I have ran into a few clients that had seen someone else, and was horrified to see how brutal they were! I very much enjoyed meeting you this past weekend and was extremely impressed with your business. Checklist of the 8 must-have tools to keep your lash studio safe and sanitary and where to get them Powerful word-for-word template you can post on your website or social media page to communicate your commitment to safety so that customers see you as a serious, committed professional.

This class is totally worth it; you get your money back after 1st week. The advanced eyelash extension training course includes: Includes both application supplies to start your business and retail products tips for online dating an additional revenue stream.

You deserve the best possible education so that you can serve thousands of women in a caring and professional way. Call the Xtreme Lashes Customer Success Department at or fill out the form below for assistance.

Eyelash Extensions Training: Choose Xtreme Lashes

Bottom Lash training is exclusive to and was developed by Eyelash Canada! As the natural lash sheds the extensions sheds with it.

Our courses are taught individually or in small groups at our training centre locatons. Comprehensive hands-on lash extension training with an experienced Trainer High performance products. She was investigating me to see if I was a legitimate lash artist.

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This only ends up in wasted time and money, as you must be an example of high standards for yourself if you want to attract clients who have high standards for their lashes. Welcome to your first opportunity to follow everything you learned to create a beautiful, seamless Dreamlash application.

Certificates are issued after successful completion of the training. There are 2 ways you can show us your work to obtain your certificate — you can email us good quality Video which will be evaluated by your trainer, or you can come in person with a model and do their lashes for the trainer to see.

I actually removed a set that came of in clumps of 10!! Fills are a must-have service for any lash artist to provide so they can keep their clients for life. All services are non-refundable. This year, students from cities big and small will come together to learn the Dreamlash Method of Eyelash Extensions.

I found every minute of this course beneficial. Access to our Online Education Portal.


I have often been disappointed in the level of dedication, professionalism and competition within the beauty industry.

Nadia Afanaseva's class is nothing of the above. Xtreme Lashes Certification upon graduation. It is important to be on-time for your appointment to ensure you are getting enough attention to your Flirt Custom Lash Studio look.

This kit provides all the tools you need for your in class lash applications. Safe and Comfortable Removals Some clients just wanted lashes for a special occasion.

It certainly made me grateful that I had received the training I did from Dreamlash! They have become increasingly popular due to the variety of looks that can be achieved- length, volume, glamour and overall frame the most important part of the face which is the eyes, for up to weeks depending on care.

Use a dark eyeshadow with the wet angle brush to create an awesome liquid liner look. Each of them has been trained by me personally. Dreamlash Academy was made to help aspiring lash artists gain the skills they need to wow their clients over and above perfect lash applications alone.

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Alternatively, the Beauty House will provide a model if possible. If you wear contacts, please bring solution and a case. Need more information about our Eyelash Extension Training? All Xtreme Lashes Stylists are credentialed lash professionals who have completed a comprehensive hands-on training program.

These volume lashes are superfine and incredibly light weight, lashes can be applied per natural lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash.

Some students are certified immediately after finishing the course! Using a lash serum encourages the growth of adult hair making more lashes to put extensions on.

No, the application process is painless and most clients use the time to nap.

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The balance of the payment is due on the first day of training. Xtreme Lashes certified stylists only use Xtreme Lashes adhesives and extensions that are approved and safe to use. Alberta Health Services dropped by my studio late Friday afternoon.