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Flirtease lounge, new additions

Open 7 nights a week with a late 3AM finish on both Friday and Saturday, Flirtease is the one-stop destination for saucy and seductive charm and eminence, all served up as the sweetest of tempting treats.

Flirtease Lounge & Bar on Instagram: “Get ur meal and the amazing view at #Flirtease#weekendvibe”

Want your business to be the top-listed Restaurant in Dar es Salaam? Once your item appears in our inventory, you can immediately pick it up.

A wide selection of delicious ice cream shakes are on offer, including mint, toffee, honey, banana and coconut incarnations. Featuring an original bar with all the classics, We really focus on an independent fun-loving atmosphere with our own flirty flavour!

Flirtease promotes a mixed mature crowd and a decent door policy, setting a soft scene of seduction.

Perfect for sharing

I have previously traded with sites containing the name "csgolounge" or "dota2lounge" but can't find my items in flirtease lounge list. Overall Flirtease provides locals with a little slice of Dar es salaam town on a perfect well presented platter.

If you are sure you have items stored in the Lounge inventory, please check that you log in with the correct account. However, the true spirit of Flirtease really comes into its own with its naughty selection of milkshakes and desserts, which promise to send even the most reserved tastebuds screaming with delight - guaranteed.

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If you fancy a pancake with a scoop ambience and maybe a captivating cocktail, then take a seat at Flirtease! Flirtease versions of crepes, pancakes and waffles always go down a treat, and those who like to share will love the range of fruity shishas on offer.

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The Lounge company operates only within the sites containing the address of csgolounge. For patrons who prefer the classic pub tipple, a fully-loaded bar is available, boasting draught and bottled beers and ciders and a wonderful selection of wines and spirits. In some cases only item per trade can be returned.

If our system is unable to return all your items through one trade, we can offer multiple trades.

Luxury Lounge

Every long-benched booth and large oval table is filled with family andfriends and boisterous laughter is heard from every corner of the room. An extensive food menu provides a wholesome food range ready to fill the biggest of appetites but you must save some space for dessert, you will be in for a treat!

Make sure the account you log in with is the same account the Steam Trade URL is linked to - which you can find in your Steam profile page. If you have conducted trades with any other sites - please contact the support service of these sites regarding your items.

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These prices may vary slightly compared to the current Steam Marketplace price. A mouth-watering menu of snacks and light bites are always on offer, including wedges, fries, nuggets, burgers, salads, fajitas and sandwiches. Be the first to recommend this place!

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This message means that you do not have any items in the Lounge inventory. The value of your item s was calculated at the moment they were transferred to Lounge. Why are less items offered in the trade page than I have stored in the Lounge inventory? We rely on fixed item values.

Please try again in 24 hours. Flirtease has the perfect combination of charm, character and an aura of refreshing new energy.

Flirtease, Wembley

This service allows users to retrieve their items currently stored in the Lounge inventory Please log in to check the items on your Lounge account Log in through Steam FAQ When I try to return items, I get an error "Sorry, but we do not have your item s in stock at the moment.

Why is the value of some items priced differently compared to Steam Marketplace price?

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Situated in the heart of Wembley, North West London, Flirtease promises a naughty and delectable experience every time; the ideal location to meet, chat, chill out and sample the daring delights of tantalising cocktails, the creamiest of coffee and the sweetest of scrumptious shakes and desserts.

The festive season is nearly upon us and we wanted to know what offers you would like to see here at Flirtease?