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Porky's Preview dvd [JCH]. When, near graduation, General Fitts announces Flirtation walk laserdisc engagement to Biddle, Dick naturally is confused, and visits her after lights out to talk her out of marrying Biddle. Sleepy Time Possum dvd [Pixar].

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The Henpecked Duck vhs [Pixar]. Porky the Gob tv [Pixar]. The Lyin' Mouse sd-bluray [Pixar].

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Buddy the Gee Man dvd [Pixar]. A Fox in a Fix tv [Pixar]. Although most of the "essential" cartoons have thankfully found a DVD or Blu-ray release, a few notable milestones are still sitting in the vault.

Bingo Crosbyana dvd [Pixar]. The Village Smithy tv [Pixar].

On Dvd & Streaming

Bell Hoppy dvd [Pixar]. The Cat Came Back tv [Pixar]. The Bug Parade laserdisc [Pixar]. Odor of the Day dvd [Pixar]. Rocket Squad dvd [JCH]. Birdy and the Beast bluray [HDC]. Riff Raffy Daffy dvd [Pixar].

Scent-imental Over You bluray [Codres].

The Golden Age of Looney Tunes

The Cat's Tale laserdisc [Pixar]. Pigs in a Polka bluray [HDC]. Hop, Skip, and a Chump laserdisc [Pixar]. Such listings aren't necessarily meant to be complete, as certain cartoons had been used a number of times on past compilations; rather just to help point collectors in the right direction in tracking down the best available copies out there.

He Was Her Man laserdisc [Pixar]. The Penguin Parade laserdisc [Pixar].

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies HQ Project

Holiday for Shoestrings dvd [JCH]. Porky's Building tv [Pixar]. Bosko's Knight-Mare bad [Pixar]. Rabbit Transit bluray [NorTV].

Easter Yeggs bluray [EbP]. Porky's Railroad dvd [JCH].

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Lovelorn Leghorn bluray [Codres]. While most of his classmates are infatuated with Kit, Dick is cold to her. Homeless Hare dvd [JCH]. Fagin's Freshman laserdisc [Pixar]. Hare Do dvd [JCH].

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My Little Buckaroo vhs. Jerkyl's Hide tv [Pixar]. Cat's Aweigh dvd [Pixar]. Lights Fantastic dvd [JCH]. What's Bruin' Bruin laserdisc [Pixar].

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Wagon Heels dvd [JCH]. Wild Over You dvd [Pixar]. Nutty News web-dl [hbfan23].

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Scent-imental Romeo bluray [NorTV]. Fresh Fish tv [Pixar].

Hitsugi No Chaika ...

Lighthouse Mouse dvd [Pixar]. Along Came Daffy laserdisc [Pixar]. For the purposes of this list, we're only looking at the core one thousand Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts released theatrically from 's Sinkin' in the Bathtub to 's Injun Trouble.

The Impatient Patient laserdisc [Pixar]. Scalp Trouble tv [Pixar]. The Big Snooze bluray [EbP].