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None of the features are either working, useful, or on the damn website at all. I enjoyed the recording aspect, as I could hear the "conversation" and reaction.

March 5, I received 3 calls within an online dating desperation quotes late at flirtation prankdial.

I emailed PrankDial to ask them to verify if a call was placed to my cellphone and the number or IP it originated from.

This is not freaking funny and I'm extremely upset. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. PTSD is not a joke and I am not even laughing. People like you morons are the reason PrankDial exists.

It's people like you who are ruining America. All of them were disgusting and insulting. Prank Dial Video 2 PrankDial: They are following other Twitter profiles. They are extremely pleased with the site and with themselves. It doesn't make you do that, but it's still not good. People also frequent The Better Business Bureau phone number to make The BBB recipient of these prank calls, which I do not suggest, although it is hysterical to think about.

I need the discovery of who's calling and I've contacted a desk sarge in his area which is out of state.

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If you are using this to just make someones day a little worse who deserves it? July 26, Sometime this month I got two prank calls which one was about chlamydiae and the other one was about taking some other girl's man.

The pranks aren't even funny. I cannot believe that a site like this exists and is allowed to advertise AND a part of Facebook!

July 4, First of all, I used to use this service. First of all, it only allows 2 calls, and it forces you to download its app and purchase a number for the app. Helpful 32 people found this review helpful Tom of London, Other Original review: With paid service, you get the features listed below you are unable to use with your free calls, daily.

Email Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! However, they ARE responsible. People receiving these phone calls have no way to track down who is harassing them.

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A lot of people show hate towards this app because they dislike the fact that 90 year old grandmother or whatever is being woken up or scared. April 22, This is a horrible website.

I need to know if this is coming from the parties involved. I think they are just angry, because the prankster got them! Second, if you get that worked up over a phone call, you might consider going to therapy or even simply hanging up the phone.

Apparently, a business received a PrankDial call. This app is absolutely amazing and can be lots of fun when you're with friends or family.

It sounds as though some of the "calls" could very well be taken seriously When I search out the number it is impossible to find out the true caller.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. She was absolutely terrified that someone was coming to the house.

Social Media Presence PrankDial keeps an up-to-date Facebook account that haslikes associated with it.

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Because this app allowed perps the ability to mask their phone number with any phone number. PrankDial gives fresh inspiration to local pranksters everywhere! First off, it's likely someone you know who is screwing with you. She has been a B to my husband ever since.

Choose to listen live and record the prank. If we could get proof, not only would the girls have to face the consequences, but my husband's ex would leave my husband alone. If it is left blank, the call will be coming from an unknown number.

She has a medical condition and this call terrified her. We value your privacy. I've even been Prank Dialed myself and its true, they do get you going until you realize you are not speaking with a live human!

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I've stopped using it. Someone calls me while I am in school and uses the thug voice with the hit my car one and I flipped out, started shaking, almost had a seizure due to this app. You can actually listen to a sample prank call via PrankDial on Facebook here.

I am disabled and was awoken by this damn "prank. What if someone were to call me to try to let me know if there is something wrong with one of my family members and I miss that important phone call?

How is she to know that the angry man shouting about wi-fi or a lady screaming that she has called her boyfriend is a "joke". Enter the number of the person you want to prank. Unbelievable that this is actually available for use.

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Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Harassing people is against the law. This is certainly not amusing and should be banned. I would be very very very concerned if I were the owner.

I seriously pray someone does you one worse.

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Anyone have the app creators number btw? Do people have any idea the false hope and joy a child would have having a call saying their beloved pet was found and was safe?! He's made fake "prostitute ads of my KID!

You can choose whatever number you want the call to come from that you desire! Have to change my number because of this. My husband talk to his daughters to find out which one of them may have done this and it has become a mess.