Flirtation blues sequence dance classes, sequence dancing and sequence dance scripts!

The Flirtation Hornpipe

Ultra keen sequence dancers subscribe to script services that distribute the scripts immediately they are issued by the competition organisers. Projection Extension of the body position, posture, movement, energy and volume to a performance level.

Pitch In dance refers to the inclination of the body forward or backward. Natural underarm turn No foot rise An action of rise which is taken through the knees and body only, but not through the instant chemistry dating. Professional dancer A person who seeks financial gain from the teaching or performing of dancing.

Scottish Country Dance Instruction

The choreography is generally simple, as it is intended for easy fun, mass-consumption. Salsa can also be danced on 2 which is flirtation blues sequence dance classes same format just starts on a different count.

Musicality The ability to hear and interpret music in a way that is both mechanically correct and artistically expressive.

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Good posture is achieved by vertically aligning the different "blocks of weight" of the body head, shoulders, abdomen, and hipsallowing for the natural curve of the spine with minimal distortions. Pressed forward walk A type of Latin Walk whereby the weight is placed onto the ball of the foot with knee bent.

Outside underarm turn An underarm turn in which the lady turns to the left under the left hand, or to the right under the right hand. It flows arond the floor with a graceful sway.

The Line of Dance represents the general direction of movement overall, and is only pertinent to dances that travel continuously around the floor, such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Samba and all social sequenced ballroom dances.

Member The third complete level of the International system, representing advanced movements and dance concepts. Off time To dance in a way that is not synchronized with the beat of the music Open break Break or Rock Step taken in Open-Facing position, often with partners moving in opposition.

Balmoral Blues Sequence Dance to Music

There is a big communtiy of dancers that just focus on West Coast Swing. It has sharp moves but within that has a powerful flow around the floor. Metronomic motion Movement flirtation blues sequence dance classes the body or part of the body which emulates the swinging action of a metronome: We think the validating data is done by obtaining hash values md5 is a superb resource both for those new to sequence dancing and to those already involved but looking to broaden their repertoire.

An upper portion of the body travels at a faster rate of speed than a portion of the body below. Rhythm The beat value or combination of beat values of the notes and accents in a given piece of music, musical phrase, melody, or note.

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The basic count is slow, quick, quick, slow 1, 3, 4, 5. Choreography is normally either phrased to fit specific musical passages, or to match common general song structures.

We have compiled a list of links for sequence dance demo videos, together with links to popular music suitable for sequence.

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In dance music, the length of the phrases is often consistent and predictable, such as 2, 4, or 8 measuresbut odd-measure phrases are not uncommon. Line A pose which creates pleasing body lines.

The basic count is 1, 2, 3.

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Point To extend the foot in such a way that it is placed at an angle roughly parallel to the leg. A popular dance for social events to 50's, 60's, 70's music.

It would be like walking hand in hand through a park with your loved-one.

Dance Directory

Lindy Hop has enjoying a few revivals with new generations of swing clubs, musicians, and dancers. This dance has a sharp but fluid style which is fun and lively.

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These are devoted to the teaching and learning of all the approved new sequence dances. For the latest information regarding updates to the site, plans for the site, help on technical issues etc. Some, just a few, find great popularity and join the select group of dances which last for several years round the dance halls.

Sequence dance - Wikipedia

The proper way of Two-Stepping is unlike what you might see at the local bars. You could try using a script for a dance that you already know, and follow that through on what you know from the dance itself. An alternative to the tea dance is the 'Dance Club'. You can view our Privacy Policy here.

See also International Standard. If you are looking for a particular dance, there is a search facility on the right of this Page, or you can look through our A — Z listings here.

Regular competitions are held between dance teachers to decide which newly created sequence dances shall be 'officially' adopted and scripted for wider distribution. School 2 defines Parallel as being the same as Shadow Position, with man and lady facing the same direction, slightly offset.

Phrase Music - A self-contained musical statement which has a definite beginning, middle and end ; A musical passage or sentence. New additions are first posted to the Latest Page for easy tracking.

Merengue An energetic Latin-style march which originated in the Dominican Republic, which emphasises a straight-ahead 8-count rhythm taken with Cuban Motion.

We hope you find these resources useful, and that they will help ensure Sequence Dancing has a healthy future. Pull Tension applied to a connection through the manipulation of body weight or away from it. The basic movement is characterised by three steps and a hop.

The number of beats in a bar or measure is measured by the time signature, and is determined by the ratio and relative strength of the naturally strong and weak beats occurring in the music.

It is used in Country competitions and it's technique is more complex than Double Shuffle. Sequence dance scripts[ edit ] These are written in a shorthand form similar to phone texting or knitting patterns.

It differs because, unlike most dances where the male and female steps mirror each other, in this dance most steps do not. Natural resolution Term used by Argentine Tango dancers to describe the natural resolve to the end of a musical phrase a cadence. Linear Movement which follows a straight direction, as opposed to movement which is rotational.

Open position Any dance position where man and lady stand apart or slightly apart, without taking a closed position dance hold. A short example of this dance scripting is as follows: Lines, real or imaginary, created by the positioning of the various body parts in a visually pleasing manner.

Requests will be considered and honoured where possible we have most scripts from the last 70 years, but please note we will not publish very recent dances.

Visit their websites using these links below. Not a beginner dance but a joy to watch and experience when done correctly.