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Then all you have to do is spin the whip in a circle just above the reach of the dogs. I use any one of a number of rope type of toys.

And don't get bit. If you are not familiar with a flirt pole, the best way I could describe it; it is a carriage whip.

How to Build a Spring Pole (Exercise Equipment for Dogs)

Pit bulls are only one breed of dog that enjoy spring poles for exercise. While the use of spring poles is often associated with pit bulls or other terrier breeds, any responsible pet owner with a high-energy dog can make use of one.

Use common sense when working your dog. An advertisement from England stated that at the Bear Garden, at 3: The flirtpole is excellent for tiring out your dog when you don't have a lot of time or space. Prying the flirt from their mouths after all the excitement and anticipation is next to impossible.

All it takes is about 10 or 15 minutes of play time and your pitbull will be completely tired and satisfied. Adopt an adult one that is already trained, they are amazing, resilient and grateful dogs that love nothing but second chances.

The Flirt Pole: Dog Toy or Life Changer?

Loki is fully on a spring pole set up in the house and hangs regularly from it dispite being a chihuahua which is funny to watch. If you over do it, they will not be as thrilled to work it the next time. As a side note: This of course has resulted in hundreds of cheaply made overseas conservative gay dating hitting the market.

So, hes not sure what to do and he was leary when he pulled on it and it sprung up but he did start warming up to it on the second day. Then instruct the dog with the firm command "Let Go".


Of course you can only work dogs these ways; a cur would soon chuck it. Also, the flirtpole is fun for any breed of dog which has reasonable prey drive or playfulness.

Some dogs love it low, and love to wrap their legs around it. If I had had a serious injury in 16 years I might feel different, but so far we have had none, and the dogs love this second only to the treadmills and boomer balls. Even an adopted adult will still lay his life down for you and your family and love you like no other with the intelligence and loyalty of a Pitbull, you can never go wrong If you are interested in the breed, do lots of research before you commit.

Some like to fly high and hang.

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I have also used inner tubes, jean material, tires, old sleeve covers and rope. Step 4 Slide one end of the second nylon dog collar through the bottom of the inner tubes, which should now be hanging from the cross post.

You don't need that. Make sure you read the reviews to get an idea of how you might want to use the flirt pole. I notice that the spring poles are shown with a porch swing spring that is designed to take quite a load.

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The dog will soon learn to fight it, and you can pull him up clear from the ground, if desired. This is very close to hanging on a bull, and probably why they dig it so much. Play keep-away instead and watch his interest grow.

The dog with the over active prey drive is the only purebred of the group the chihuahua Loki here is a pic, in the pic Loki is playing with his flirt pole but it got tangled his spring pole lol https: Don't try this at home!

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Some people say a dog can get hurt on a springpole. For an expensive, really long one, click HERE. Step 5 Tie a length of 1- to 2-inch-diameter rope through the second collar.

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OK, here we go! If you want to be fancy, tie loops in the rope, so you can adjust where you hang the biting surface. Have someone hold him, or tie him near where he can watch you as you smack the burlap, push it, and otherwise get him excited over it.

Use rope or some other soft material to connect the biting surface to the snap you will use to attach to the rope hanging from the "spring".

Spring poles, also referred to as flirt poles, allow energetic dogs to jump and bite onto a surface hanging above the ground.

Guys, I want you to meet your new BFF. Introducing the The Flirt Pole:

If you have only one dog, don't pay for something you don't need. Tie your "bait" to the end of the whip.

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Hannah describes the rather cumbersome "old fashion" springpole used circa You may work him twice a day, if you think it desirable; but if you adopt this plan don't work him too long at a time. Here the rabbit skin is tied to the end of the whip. I tried to get Sandy into the spring pole by starting her on a flirt pole first but she had no interest and instead runs with my 4wheeler for fun.

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The closest thing she has to a prey drive is a domenance issue which we have to watch out for as she has drawn blood on Captain more than once. Therefore one of their lower price models may be sufficient for your needs.

They are going to break. This pole is placed at an angle of about forty-five degrees, resting in a strong notched stick or limb driven into the ground, the butt of the pole being stacked to the ground at the right distance to give the proper angle.

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Any more than that and you have your work cut out for you. In 16 years of doing this, they never have. Although the first written references to spring poles are found in literature about training dogs for rat killing competitions, more and more responsible dog owners are utilizing spring poles as a unique exercise activity.

Reference to flirt and spring-pole devices can by found in literature as far back as the mid 's. A long cotton training lead ft attached to a Pitbull puppy is the best thing that you could ever do.

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I recently saw a cheaply made unit selling for around fifty dollars that had a 4. Remember that dogs love to chase