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Seth overlooked a large number of tax matters, such as income tax, sales tax, excise and customs. This was the last hanging for forgery by the British in India. Sep 16, Rao was educated at Guntur, Madras and This, however, is going to change by next week when it gets its first woman chief justice.

But he paid the price for that dissent.

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Bedi comes from a family of agriculturists from Sahiwal, now in Pakistan. Mathew Died at 81 K. Answered by Karachainz and Kaif students working on C.

Use this list comedic mens monologues about dating renowned Indian judges to discover some new judges that you aren't familiar with.

These judges are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known judge from India is included when available. After obtaining his B. Don't forget to share this list by clicking one of the social media icons at the top or bottom of the page.

He was popular for his approach of taking action in each and every case he First chief election commissioner of India?

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In a landmark case of constitutional law, popularly referred to as the Minerva Mills judgment, Justice Bhagwati wrote: Liaqat ali Faizi and published by "Rehman book house. Who was the first President to become chief justice?

It was Justice Khanna who spoke out fearlessly and eloquently for freedom this week.

Justice Gita Mittal first woman Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir High Court

First Chief Justice of India? Raj Narain case in which he invalidated the She was born in the month of October in in Lucknow, India.

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He is the eldest son of Rashbehari Pattnaik and Bidulata K Sabarwal was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court and thus he acquired seniority over her by two days and went on to become the Chief Justice of India.

Janaki Amma, is a former judge of the Kerala High Court. Two of his judgements form the basis of modern constitutional law, decades after they were delivered. Justice Ruma Pal, who was appointed as the judge of the Supreme Court on 28 January could have been the first female Chief Justice of India had she been appointed two days earlier.

He is credited with having founded the prestigious college Miranda House in Aged 58, Justice Rohini is expected to stay for a period of four years.

She had struggled a lot to achieve her goal and success.

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Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan? He was then elevated to Leila Seth was born in October in Lucknow and was the first woman to top the London Bar exam and joined the Bar in He was born on 19 December in the city of Cuttack, now in Odisha, India.

Justice Bhagwati has praised Indira Gandhi government during the Emergency and later criticized her during the tenure of Janata government. The Delhi high court had sent from its ranks the first woman to become the chief justice of a high court—Justice Leila Seth who headed the Himachal Pradesh high court.

Kapadiawho has held the office since 12th May He also developed Bengali text-books for children. President Pranab Mukherjee recently cleared the decks for appointment of Justice G Rohini, most senior judge of the Andhra Pradesh high court, to head the high court in the capital.

He was born in at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and graduated as a gold I am sure that with your iron will and firm determination, uncanny insight and dynamic vision, great administrative capacity and vast experience, overwhelming love and affection of the people and above all, a heart which is identified with the misery of the poor and the weak, you will be able to steer the ship of the nation safely to its cherished goal.

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Kapadia He was the former Chief Justice. Appointed as The Chief Justice of India in the forenoon of The New York Times wrote at that time: This information is available in the Urdu edition general knowledge book named "Bahaar-e-maloomat" page No.

Justice Gita Mittal first woman Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir High Court | India News

Thakur on 4 January and will remain in office till 28Augustthe day he completes 65 years of age. Mathew was a Judge of the Supreme Court of India highly regarded for his scholarship and for his seminal contribution to the Constitutional and Administrative law in India.

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He hails from Jaipur in Rajasthan state in India. He is also responsible for allocating the cases and appointing legal benches in order to manage the important matters of law. He was member of Lok Sabha from to representing the In accordance with Article of the Constitution of India and the Supreme Court Rules of Procedure ofthe Chief Justice allocates work to the other judges, who are bound to refer the matter back to him or her in case they require the matter to be looked into by a bench of higher strength.

Apr 15, For instance, appointment of arbitrators, court commissioner, receivers is an important issue for us. She became the first Indian woman judge at the Delhi High Court in