Is EXO Member DO Dating Girl's Day Singer Park Sojin? - IBTimes India Is EXO Member DO Dating Girl's Day Singer Park Sojin? - IBTimes India

Exo d o and sojin dating sim, sunday, december 21, 2014

Though no official confirmation yet was released from their agencies, a Korean media outlet called World Today claimed that both SM Entertainment talents are really into a relationship and are officially admitting that they are dating.

Other idols, including other members of EXO, have also been spotted wearing the same shoes. O holding Irene's wrist. Luhan released his first music video titled "That Good Good," when he debuted last week, and a second single titled "Your Song" that was recently released in Sept.

Physically he loves short and pretty girls. His Ideal type of woman 14 Giu alle ore The photos of the Kpop stars have been uploaded on micro-blogging website Pann under the title: He says his first love is a bittersweet memory for him, and that he was a clingy boyfriend.

No one cares if you're dating but she seems to clearly be enjoying the attention. He was nominated for best male actor in dramas in Advertisement Related News Advertisement You may like. EXO attract a crowd of 50, at a fan signing event in Thailand Since a while back, fans have have pointed out the similarities between D.

In addition, Sojin also previously mentioned that her first love lives in Gwangjingu, which is also where EXO's dorm was said to be located.

In he was ranked number one from 40 idol stars student online dating participated in dramas in Rumors have surrounded the two idols for several months, and netizens continuously produce material to try and convince others of the relationship with pictures from social media accounts.

They're so full of themselves.

[★TRENDING] Girl’s Day Sojin reveals she is attracted to D.O?

Rumors widely spread in social media after a picture of the two were photograph during an SM Entertainment live concert, where it displays D. But once you get older, you switch to liking younger prettier girls.

A media site reported pictures of them hugging. How his fan think about his lover Un post condiviso da Do Kyungsoo kyungsoo. While many comments believe that "proof" that netizens have compiled, not everyone believes it.

According to another report of Movie News Guidein addition to the former EXO member's achievements, after parting ways with SM Entertainment, include winning numerous awards as a singer and actor in China plus being named as one of the Top Ten Chinese Stars in However, there is no much evidence that proves their relationship.

He has done a solo acting in a movie named Cart where he played the role of high school student and a son of grocery store worker. Retorting to the statements put forward by the admirers of DO and Sojin, the social media user said, "Many of you are saying that this picture is of D.

The continuous support that Luhan gets from his fans is just a proof that he is better off as a solo artist.

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Fans are eager to know about his next release rather than his personal life. She should be a good cook like him, since he is cook for his EXO group. Since there is no news about his lover fans feel that he might be not in any relationship.

Former EXO member Luhan just recently debuted in China and already released his first album "Reloaded" plus two music videos.

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Finally, she should not be possessive. They're some mobsters, I swear. He's so short and his body looks like some elementary school kid's. He thinks that the smile is the most attractive part in a woman.

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It's a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Idols need to always remember that it's the fans who bring them to the position they're at now.

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Beginning in January, Korean netizens have published accounts of Sojin and D. His Ideal situation of dating Un post condiviso da Do Kyungsoo kyungsoo. Why are you trying to make things up to tie D. This piece of news has not been confirmed as yet.

He needs a girl with sense of humour, who encourage him during his hard times. The man was said to be wearing similar shorts and shoes that D.


Girl's Day's stylist also recently shared on her Instagram a photo of Sojin and pointed out she looked like Wendy from Peter Pan. If Chen's decision would be final, he would be the first Korean member to leave the Kpop band, after three Chinese members of EXO - Luhan, Kris, Tao - left the said boy band; however, an official statement is yet to be released to clear all speculations.

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Fangirls, just leave them alone and let them date. If they were both non-celebrities, Sojin would be really popular while DO would just have a few kiddie junior high school kids following him around calling him oppa.

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Her Instagram account has since become private. Girl's Day's fans fought back, leading to quite a bit of arguments going on on her Instagram page.

Girl’s Day’s Sojin On Dating Rumor with EXO's D.O | K-Pop Amino

Everyone knows that this was at the shooting of 'Innocence' and that it's Kim So Hyun beside him. The latest post, shared on Instiz in March, showed the EXO and Girl's Day member both wearing similar pairs of sneakers with black and white hearts.

O and Girls' Day's Sojin. O, his manager, Kim Sohyun and other people came to drink at the Cafe please don't make up rumors.

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It's like they can never be quiet about it You don't need to make things up we all know they're dating. O, or warning her not to become the next Taeyeon-Baekhyun.

Is ‘EXO’ Member D.O. And Park Sojin Of ‘Girl’s Day’ Dating?

Stay tuned for more EXO news and updates. It is speculated that this is what caused Sojin to private her Instagram. O's relationship on popular Korean portal websites such as Pann and Instiz.