Nigel Lythgoe on DanceOn, Choreography, and Bringing His New Show To Go90 Nigel Lythgoe on DanceOn, Choreography, and Bringing His New Show To Go90

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About DanceOn DanceOn is an entertainment focused digital media company celebrating dance and music in pop culture.

Every Single Step from Nigel Lythgoe - New Choreography Competition Show | DanceOn #go90

By choosing our contestants wisely, I am positive the viewers will be talking about these young, artistic individuals and how they can move dance forward into the next decade. Choreographers with a fresh approach, and new ideas for an expanding commercial world.

To be quite honest, I had nothing to do with choosing Go I have always been extremely interested in becoming involved in the digital space.

I think the speed that everything was done at, now reflects itself in an exciting finished project.

The Future Dance Center

The basic principles for choreography are obvious: DanceOn will supply go90 with more than 80 hours of video content for the new mobile first video service during this ongoing partnership. Thank goodness we had a wonderful production team led by Kristin Campbell-Taylor.

That is who these people are. DanceOn recently launched the fourth season of its premier competition franchise Dance Showdown with many more YouTube originals to meenakshi mall in bangalore dating and is a launch partner of Verizon's go90 mobile video service.

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Through multi-platform storytelling and diverse, influencer-driven programming, DanceOn reaches engaged millennials seeking on-demand music content everywhere. How did you decide to bring the show to a new platform like Go90?

The trained dancers have equally inspired the street kids by showing them how important technique is. They did a remarkable job.

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Choreography is all about creativity. Watch the YouTube teaser here: Did you face any unique challenges in producing a show for a mobile first platform? For the first time, audiences get to root for the choreographers rather than the dancers and go deeper into the creation of their show stopping performances," said DanceOn CEO Amanda Taylor.

DanceOn joined go90's list of partners for mobile-first programming in September Creating for a global community is very exciting, especially with a company whose entire focus is on dance, shaping culture and setting trends. Tweet Share DanceOn, Inc. These artists cannot be held back by their fears, they must be led forward by their dreams.

Good choreographers must be bold, brave, loud and proud. Unfortunately, dance still scares a lot of television executives.

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The new series follows emerging choreographers as they work to perfect their skills and compete in a series of weekly challenges to win a cash prize and, perhaps more importantly, professional recognition. In each minute episode, "Every Single Step" will be to choreographers what "Project Runway" was to fashion designers with its fast-paced challenges.

Maybe if they see the creativity, the passion and the fun that this program generates they will open their minds along with their checkbooks. A unique style, with signature moves. I believe the street dancers have inspired and excited the formally trained dancers with their fearless attitude to music and movement.

The casting process for all these so called reality shows is of most importance.

Nigel Lythgoe

This has led to a thriving, creative cauldron of dancers waiting to be led, and challenged by new, talented young choreographers.

Finding a company like DanceOn with nearly 30 million subscribers and over 5 billion network views was obviously very attractive to me. Whether you like or dislike the characters is of little importance as long as they generate some emotion in the viewer.

Conversely, did producing for mobile present any fresh opportunities to innovate?