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In some cases, an ancient power may take an interest in a hero early in her life. The main page before entering includes the latest news, screenshots, a video and a list of the top voters for the month.

LastWoW is one of the most populated private servers running the Burning Crusade expansion.

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They offer loads of PvP and PvE events including exceptional weekend events. We maintain a dedicated staff and have all staff members adhere to a strict code.

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Eternal-WoW is all about quality. They have a nice voting feature in that they double rewards for voting during the first three days of every month.

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Seers and scholars maintain that the Horde's arrival through the Dark Portal heralded the return of the ancient eternal wow online players in dating to mortal events. Titans are not true "gods" per se but are demigods; and the most famous demigods include the Ancients.

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Heroes may be approached by an ancient power and asked to undertake a quest. Though the eternals who survived were largely unseen for almost 10, years, they were occasionally encountered.

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In the same way the night elves draw divine magic from their devotion to Cenarius and Elune, other individuals may bear a faith in their "god" that allows them to tap into a divine source. They currently support all versions except Mists of Pandaria. It is known that They wrought Azeroth from pure chaos and formed it into the world it is today.

Friendly players and Game Masters always at your service.

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It can be a great way to test out the game before purchasing it but also a fantastic way to join a community and take advantage of various special events that are so much a part of private servers. Not only do we strive to provide a great gaming atmosphere, but provide the most optimized experience taking full advantage of our dedicated server in a data center located in Dallas, Texas.

Events of the mortal world may be more than meaningless in the larger scope of history to Eternals. When unable to act or unwilling to show their hands, the ancient powers use mortal heroes and villains as agents to further their own agendas — Sargeras used Azshara as his servant in an attempt to open the Well of Eternity, and the human wizard Rhonin was the cat's-paw of the dragons during the Second War.

They list their server statistics right on the main page. You can always ask them advice or assistance. In the aftermath of the War of the Ancients and the sundering of the world, the Burning Legion was forced off Azeroth.

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They must take care when serving an Eternal, however, as completing a task for a power may mean incredible reward in thanks for a service well performed — or utter destruction as the Eternal hides its tracks.

They also have a rather complex arena rating structure. Some have found they have unwittingly been drawn into or run afoul of the schemes of a returned eternal. The eternals were humbled by Azshara's bold attempt to rise to their level of power, and remained reserved and distrustful of both mortals who sought them out and mortals whom they employed.

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They have over 3, players at peak gaming hours. Few scholars actually believe the mighty demigods even existed. They have a solid and high population with stats shown right on the main page. Priests whisper prayers to evoke power from beings such as Elune the Moon Goddess.

Feenix Server — WoW-One: It was the golden age of the powers, the dragons and Elune's servants watched over the young world, Elemental Lords thought the untamed land as comfortable as their home plane.

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The main page includes a very nice FAQ section. Legends claim that the world's creators still lurked in the shadows finishing the details of their creation. Legend holds that the great ones shaped the land when the world was young, then left the world to its own devices. The Eternals appear to have recovered from any uncertainty they suffered during their millennia of retreat, however, and those who seek them out do so at their own risk.

They offer monthly rewards to top voters.