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The younger Cros eyed expansion and diversification into the broader chemicals field, couple costume ideas yahoo dating in the company was incorporated as SA Cros.

Ercros' operations are designed to increase the company's value and are guided by three basic principles: Originally, Fertiberia was to be acquired by Freeport McMorRan for a nominal one-peseta purchase price.

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At its creation, Ercros appeared to be a vibrant new chemicals leader in Spain. In the new decade, the company launched a wider restructuring, selling off a number of operations. That factory enjoyed a five-year period as the exclusive producer of dynamite in Spain, a monopoly granted by King Amadeo I.

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That factory became one of the first in Europe to use electricity in the production of chlorine. While basic chemicals remained the company's primary revenue source, Ercros had successfully diversified its operations.

ERT's facility produced nitric acid, then added a second facility for the production of ethyl acetate. It is also most internationally-oriented, with stocks, convertible bonds and fixed-income securities traded purely online.

History of Ercros S.A.

The company remained the world's leading producer of phosphomycin into the s. The company's Emulsion division operates from a factory in Germany and chiefly produces stryrene acrylic, and vinyl and acrylic emulsions for the German market.

Through the late s and into the s, Ercros concentrated on the organic expansion of its diversified operations in order to reduce its reliance on its core basic chemicals business and ercros bolsa yahoo dating cyclical nature of this market.

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The integration of Derivados Forestal Group, purchased in Marchis expected to add more than EUR million to the group's turnover by the end of the year. In the early s, Ercos stepped up its feed additives business, building a new feed phosphates plant in the Valle de Escombreras, near Cartagena.

The difficulties in the fertilizer sector had already led Ercros to close a number of its fertilizer production sites as early as One of Spain's leading independent chemical producers, Ercros S.


The company ercros bolsa yahoo dating in the Cros family hands, coming under the leadership of Amadeo Cros at the turn of the 20th century. By then, however, Ercros had decided that organic development was not providing the company with the growth rate it sought.

Yet Ercros's fertilizer division, operating as Fesa-Enfersa, remained a heavy weight on the group's operations, dragging the company toward bankruptcy. Avda Diagonal a planta Spain Company Perspectives Ercros' mission is to consolidate a sound and sustainable industrial project that contributes to the community's wealth and well-being, pays back the trust its shareholders have placed in it and gives those working for it the chance to develop their personal and professional potential to the full.

IQA also set up plants producing acetaldehyde and acetic acid in the Tarragona zone.

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Ercros's final division is its Water Treatment division, which manufactures water treatment chemicals for swimming pools, as well as for detergents, bleaches and cleaning products. In Cros' case, the company was founded by Francisco Cros, who began producing fertilizers in Barcelona in Following the integration of Aragonesas, Ercros restructured again, regrouping its operations into six main divisions.

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Some 90 percent of the group's animal phosphates are sold in Spain. Spanish fertilizer companies were soon hit by a double blow of oversupply and a flagging economy.

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The latter category grew strongly and by accounted for 23 percent of the group's sales. Cepa became the first Spanish company to produce antibiotics, launching production at a factory in Aranjuez in The company remained on the lookout for new acquisition opportunities.

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Both of them have recently been added for trading in our terminal, and they are both showing solid stock price growth after the minimums reached at the end of the year. Plastics, the company's second largest division, is Spain's number two producer of PVC, and also produces vinyl chloride monomer in two factories.

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In exchange, OCP forgave Ercros its debt. InERT launched production at a new chemicals facility built at the new petrochemicals industrial zone opened by the Spanish government in Tarragona.

History of Ercros S. The company remained active in the production of potassium sulfate, however, through subsidiary Potasas y Derivados.

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Mir won his bid and took control of this part of Ercros' fertilizer operations in The latter is developing quite intensively: ByErcros was on the brink of bankruptcy. ERT continued growing through the s.

ByCros had absorbed Flix fully. Chronology Francisco Cros begins producing chemicals in Spain. As a result, in Marchthe company reached an agreement to acquire Derivados Forestales Group. Much of the company's plastics output is destined for the export market.

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The headstart enabled Polvora to weather early competition in the late s, when the exclusivity term expired. The company targeted a number of areas for growth, especially pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and veterinary and feed additives.

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Instead, Spanish industrialist Juan Villar Mir stepped in with his own bid for 53 percent of Fesa, which had been restructured as the holding company for Fertiberia. This continued involvement enabled the company to take advantage of the upswing in the fertilizer market in the late s. This plant came online in In the meantime, extended drought conditions had cut deeply into fertilizer demand.

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Bolsa de Madrid Ercros operates through six major divisions. Basic Chemicals produces chlorine, ethyl acetate, caustic soda, sodium hypchlorite, sodium chlorate, and caustic potash.

The relationship between the Flix factory and Cros remained a lasting one and gradually deepened. Much of this competition came from outside Spain, particularly from Germany and Scotland, including other members of the Nobel network.

Our clients enjoy access to over two dozens of different stock exchanges all around the globe. The purchase instantly boosted Ercros's profile, nearly doubling its revenues, which reached EUR million by the end of Ercros is the Spanish innovator in the field of basic chemicals production: Basic Chemicals, which operates from seven factories in Spain, is Ercros' largest division, accounting for more than half of the group's annual sales.