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If we take a step back, open our eyes, look around, and see what man's most "advanced" civilizations are doing to homosexuals, Muslims and women and children on a daily basis.

I am not a member of any organized political party. But still this sentence is not a model epigram because it lacks one essential quality, viz. Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.

While so many other American politicians rage and imagine vain things, I find her words wonderfully touching and encouraging. The clatter of arms drowns out the voice of law. He fashioned no stilted epigram. Emerson A quotation is a repetition of a phrase or statement from a book, speech and the like used by way of authority, illustration, proof or as a basis for further speculation on the matter in hand.

But today epithets are generally non-complimentary, if not insulting or downright offensive. What is one characteristic property of a substance? What is worth quoting must always contain some degree of the generalizing quality and if it comes from a work of poetry will have metre and sometimes rhyme.

Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are.

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But there is as much diversity among epigrammatists as there is in the sea. Brevity is the essential quality of the epigram. Declared with all his grand discoveries recent That he himself felt only "like a youth Picking up shells by the great ocean—Truth.

Examples of epigrams flirtation earthquake lyrics cyrex work often focus on hard work being good for you and notsomething that will harm you.

I came, I saw, I conquered. Burch, after Plato The way we think of epigrams has changed over time.

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It is too long and therefore cannot function in speech as a ready-made language unit. He lies in state tonight: Search Sentences Containing 'epigram' He spends the whole day in settling whether Homer expressed himself correctly or not in such and such a line of the Iliad, whether Martial was indecent or not in such and such an epigram, whether such and such lines of Virgil are to be understood in this way or in that; in short, all his talk is of the works of these poets, and those of Horace, Perseus, Juvenal, and Tibullus; for of the moderns in our own language he makes no great account; but with all his seeming indifference to Spanish poetry, just now his thoughts are absorbed in making a gloss on four lines that have been sent him from Salamanca, which I suspect are for some poetical tournament.

A government with lots of rules, has lots of corruption. Quotations are also used in epigraphs. Barth While Roman epigrams owe much to their Greek predecessors, they are often more satirical, and sometimes employ obscene language. Epigrams possess a great degree of independence and therefore, if taken out of the context, will retain the wholeness of the idea they express.

Chekhov once said that brevity is the sister of talent; 'Brevity is the soul of the wit' holds true of any epigram.

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An example of a famousepigram by Benjamin Franklin is, Little strokes, fell mighty oaks. An epigram is a brief, concise, statement that contradicts itself. And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

An example sentencewould be: Einstein, who was quite the ladies' man, was asked to explain relativity. Let me give some quick examples to illustrate what I mean, before we launch this Enterprise off for the stars, to battle the Klingons pun on "cling-ons": Burch But then a good epigrammatist won't let us wriggle easily off the hook of a quick assumption: If we don't understand why denying other people freedom, human rights and dignity will cause us to end up fighting with sticks and stones after a nuclear Armageddon Today many of our best epigrammatists are women who combine sharp minds with even sharper tongues: Thinking is often claimed but seldom proven.

And I believe Einstein was in general agreement with Twain when he said: But in the hands of a master epigrammatist like Will Rogers, they can still be sublime in effect: The great wits listen to sermons about sex being a "sin" and roll their eyeballs toward the heavens, then write scathing epigrams as a way of possibly curing man of his folly.

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Still, Einstein's epigram, whatever we choose to call it, contains considerable wisdom. It should be able to be falsified. A woman thinks with her cunt.

You gaze at the stars, my Star; would that I were Heaven, that I might look up at you with many eyes! Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion.

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One or more cells exceptions viruses and prions. I found out that I was a Christian for revenue only and I could not bear the thought of that, it was so ignoble.

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Let us turn to examples. What are some examples of epigram? The asthenosphere is a zone of weak material that exists below thelithosphere. We must bear in mind this instructive epigram.

It should be testable. It always strives for brevity of expression, leaving to the mind of the reader the pleasure of amplifying the idea. Reading her poetic Tweet, I can actually see our nation's Capitol lit up at night, shining like a beacon, and feel her sincerity.

How many senators and congressmen are humble enough to feel honored to work for their country, I wonder?

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Investment is successful speculation. But sometimes epigrams can be entirely for amusement, such as this one of mine. Luckily, this is not difficult. In Colonial America, one characteristic was very rigid social classes.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.