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So what a delight to welcome Labyrinth, Channel 4's titanic new drama that boasts two great female leads. Putting the ring on her finger she faints but when she comes to,has a vision of the place some eight hundred years earlier when Alais Pelletier de Ma,a member of the Cathar religious sect,lived there.

The cast of Labyrinth including Jessica Brown Findlay It's a gripping story, sometimes violent and dark, and instead of a man leading this journey, there are two women Jessica Brown Findlay "They carry that story and the weight of the emotion.

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Jessica Brown Findlay with Emun Elliot The Paradisewho plays her errant husband Guilhem in 'Labyrinth' Brown Findlay, who plays emun elliott dating jessica brown findlay Alais, was drawn to the role, which involved triumphing over personal heartbreak, something the actress, who originally trained to be a ballet dancer, can feel plenty of empathy for Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey It's a story riven with trials and tribulations but, for Jessica, the traumas her character has to endure were part of the appeal.

Twenty three—year—old Jessica, who grabbed headlines last year when her Downton Abbey character, Lady Sybil, died during childbirth, says she was instantly taken by this tale. Adapted from the bestseller by Kate Mosse and executive produced by Ridley Scot, this grand—scale story spans years.

Oriane,planning to hand the books over to D'Evreaux,offers to marry him but Alais manages to escape and eventually locates holy man Hariff to learn more about the books before being forced to flee again.


In the Cathars are overcome and Trencavel is killed along with several others. My dad had to tell her, 'you can call her on the phone. Her world is turned upside down when, in a cave, she unearths two skeletons and a mysterious ring decorated with the patern of a labyrinth.

She told me she was really excited to meet me, and I thought, 'That's ridiculous.

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You should receive an email to confirm your subscription shortly. Three books are kept by different people, so that nobody takes the power for maleficent use.

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Instead, Brown Findlay has taken a starring role in 'Labyrinth', based on the best-selling epic novel by Kate Mosse, set in both contemporary times andout this week on DVD.

Along the way, she sufers many losses, as well as discovering that her husband, Guilhem Emun Elliot, The Paradisehas been cheating on her with her sister, Oriane Katie McGrath, Merlin. Two girls, Alice modern day and Alais are connected through family lines.

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In the present Alice is questioned by the police about the ring but in Simon de Montfort and Guy D'Evreau are advancing on Carcassonne with an army,ordered by the pope to wipe out the Cathars as heretics.

Pictures from Series 3 of Downton Abbey below An intriguing story unfolds as both women — separated by eight centuries — embark on dangerous quests to find the Holy Grail. I'd been off to do 'Black Mirror', 'Misfits' and 'Labyrinth' during a gap, and it was such a fruitful time, and I learned so much.

Jessica Brown-Findlay as Alais Pelletier du Mas in the epic drama 'Labyrinth' "Because of the period Downton is set in, you have to be stricter with the rules, and I was so excited about new things, meeting new people, working with different actors, different stories, that I decided that I'd see out the end of my contract and then delve into unemployment.

In the present day, Alice Tanner played by Vanessa Kirby from The Hour is a feisty young teacher who is helping out a friend during the holidays on an archaeological dig in the south west of France. Alice immediately senses a bond with this enigmatic fgure from the past. As a female artist, you don't come across a lot of powerful roles, and so when I did, I had to grab it with two hands," continues Jessica, who as a youngster trained with the National Youth Ballet.

Jessica Brown Findlay

The biggest heartbreak of my life was when I had to have operations, which meant I had to stop dancing, I had a teacher who told me, 'just try to do something else.

From Downton Abbey to the Holy Grail: Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Alice and writer Will Franklyn find themselves pursued by antique dealer Marie Cecile,leader of a secret society indulging in criminal activities,and her assassin ally Paul,both of whom want the books for their own ends.

I had to keep very quiet about it. I feel it's less expected and, therefore, more interesting," he explains.

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In modern Carcassonne archaeologist Alice Tanner is drawn to entering a cave where she finds mysterious symbols and a ring with a labyrinth inscribed upon it.

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