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This is notable in classrooms, in school hallways, and most of all on a work-study summer vacation in the country much like the ones the filmmaker experienced at the same age. Now I go back and the old country has disappeared. Will western capitalism take over, or will there be a new Fidel-style capitalism?

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The film makes no predictions. The mixed media are smoothly crafted in what is an endearing and intimate reverie.

While not the most dramatic of the recent crop, The Sugar Curtain may be the most human. It only asks what will happen.

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There are two economies, of the peso and the dollar, and people think ceaselessly of money -- never a concern in the 's. More than anything, her film is the memoir of a childhood and the portrait of a faded dream. Consequently, it helps the audience contemplate mixed and multiple Cuban realities.

I remember a sense of solidarity everywhere, and also the constant reminding of the fact the country could be invaded at any time. With few exceptions the production is driven by polarized ideological loyalties in the Cuban case.

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Despite the film's sense of a lost paradise, paradoxically the filmed present-day Cuban schoolchildren still unmistakably seem happy.

We lived with a somewhat precarious daily comfort, used to the rationing or lack of certain products. All basic necessities were accessible to everybody.

Unemployment didn't exist, everybody had a roof over his head. Some proselytize about the achievements of the revolution and declare its extensive popular support; others insist upon the decay and pervasive discontent.

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Guzman's offering is distinguished by its refusal to conclude or preach. One begins to suspect that whatever the voices in Miami may say, the Cuban Revolution nonetheless, for many, for three decades, was a time of great hope and no small accomplishment.

We were part of a huge laboratory, full of good intentions, in which the 'new man' that Che Guevara had imagined was being built. The film combines childhood photos, elementary school drawings, interviews with classmates and footage from the s and to reminisce about their youthful circumstances and to compare them with their current beliefs and present conditions in Cuba.

It came naturally to us to receive medicine and education totally free; we considered it our right. The intention of this film is to rescue that reality we had when we were children.


Though the camera-work may be clumsy at times, the arc a bit inconclusive, the value of this personal documentary is its emotionally convincing portrait of a vanished childhood and lost ideals.

The sense of equality and solidarity her generation talks about however was real, in her view. But in Cuba, still today, people have always improvised inventar we say every problem has and still has a solution. She grew up in Cuba, left in at age nineteen; lived and studied in Spain, England, and Chile; and for the past seven years has studied and worked France.

The filmmaker says Cuba didn't have "real communism," because its economic situation was artificial, due to the combination of the US blockade and Russian support.

Since almost 50 documentaries observing post-Cold War Cuban conditions have been marketed in U. If it provides a good deal of general information for non-Cubans along the way, The Sugar Curtain still isn't formal history or polemic.

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I feel as if my childhood has been torn away. Her parents believed in the ideals of the Cuban Revolution and were enthusiastic participants in its life.

Neither socialism nor capitalism rules Cuba today, she says; both are present. One has to ask whether we need more and why we have so many. Was this review helpful to you?

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Otherwise everything is different: The director has a friend who's in a musical group called Habana Abierta, who does a lot of talking; some of his group also speak, and we see them perform one political song at a concert. The Sugar Curtain brought her back to Cuba from her present home in France and is her first documentary.

The blend of materials is not the usual jarring insert of a still photo or newsreel snippet. All that's clear is that Cuba's a shell now. This personal documentary is their story, their reminiscence, with a look at people and things in Cuba today filmed for comparison.

More totally dependent on Russia than they knew, Cubans in the's faced a time of devastating scarcity they call the "Special Period.