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Kat was a cartoon who disappoint me, yeah this show is annoying and lame, the show consist in the family Burtonburger, Coop is the principal character versus Friday, January 6, Week The Flash This movie was a blast.

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It's alright though, I'm willing to roll with it and see where it takes us. I loved seeing my favorite super hero in LEGO form, which were my favorite toys growing up.

All those haters talking about how it looks anime, well guess what Japanese anime is pretty much Anyway, once made boss wolf lady, she goes about hunting down the clan's human enemies.

The werewolf clan of, the entirety of Mexico I guess, are choosing a new "White Wolf". A man named Harker, who is the current patriarch of his family. Las Lobas is a bit of a departure for the Santo series.

The White Wolf The film starts out with one of the most effectively moody and downright scary horror movie sequences any of these movies have attempted. These werewolves don't behave like the classic monster movie werewolves so much as they do the mutants in The Hills Have Eyes. Not long after meeting with Harker, Santo is beset by a pack of German Shepherds, which we're suppose to accept as wolves.

Santo vs Las Lobas

Seriously, That's how all the characters, including Santo and Licar himself do it. A number of characters around him in the same situation deal with it, but never Santo.

It works in the sense that it gives Santo a reason to give a shit about the plot, beyond him being a do-gooder. German Shepard POV shot One of my biggest problems with the movie is that it finally gives Santo a sense of risk, but without any real pay off with that risk.

A new bad guy named "Licar" is introduced. The White Wolf is then summarily hunted down by Harker's hunting posse. Mexican folklore actually refers to werewolves as "Nahual" or warlocks who can shapeshift into wolves and coyotes almost at will.

Boring, drab and awful. They choose a hot blond number, and its never made clear if she was previously a werewolf or not.

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Santo manages to evade and even repel these "wolves", only to find out that the bite he suffered has cursed him with lycanthropy, which he can only cure by slaying the other werewolves.

I have not seen any of them beforehand, and there are 52 of them. Jumped the shark as it were The Flashpoint Paradox And there are some great ones out there, all of them are worth watching in some shape or form even if they dont completely work. This makes them the natural born enemies of the werewolves, and they've apparently all been hunting each other across the globe for centuries.

He never even so much as gets a craving for medium rare steak. Santo is enlisted by one such enemy.

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A blog where I watch an El Santo movie a week, and then review it. Two-Face In the hearts of some, maybe even all, Batman fans, Adam West will always hold a cherished place.

Unlike Son of Batman, Boys, set the terror level at code brown, cause I need to change my pants. Whatever the case may be, its a refreshing change of pace from the rut we've been stuck in lately readers.

Hey, good music - Ill give it that. The She-Wolves, So its a new year, a new Santo movie, and I'm pleased to say, a decent one at that. Santo contra las lobas Santo vs.

While you or I, or Santo might be turned into wolf men, the Harkers won't succumb to it. He never morphs into a werewolf. Animation was top notch.

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Apparently the Harker family tree is the only human bloodline on earth immune to lycanthropy. Used to be a huge fan when I was younger. Posted by The Boxing Tarantula at 6: DC tried in recent years to make a name