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As a result, she had the unfortunate habit of asking questions that would never be answered. Reply Arlus This is one of the most sad and truthfull movies i've seen.

My favorite character is San K - French - Chapters: Together they will embark on a journey neither were prepared for and no one expected. April Fools Special Rated: War and injustice would soon separate their fates. About 10th time i'm watching it, but it's still one of the best i've ever seen, and i've seen many.

We can live together but can not be merge in real meaning. Reply Usagi 5 years ago. Instead of finding Ashitaka, she encounters a ferocious wolf god patrolling the heart of the forest.

Mononoke Manga

I wonder if they have another movie. But when a wounded samurai comes from the north with a grave message, his carefully hidden identity falls apart, causing San to question all she thought she knew about double your dating amazon ukulele. BTW I desperately need reviews this is my first serious writing work anything is helpful: But then she was cursed by a Demon, forced to leave her village, and is thrown into a battle between humanity and the Gods of the forest.

Their lives, their fragile relationship, and the future of an entire race hangs in the balance. One day, this all changed when he met a little girl named Lily. About 5 years ago.

Her curiosity wasn't just your average kind of spirit of inquiry, it was a very stubborn sort of inquisitiveness.

Prisoners of the Sun

Reply faint 5 years ago. Elle en fera une louve. They will have to choose sides as they grow apart by the raging conflicts.

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In order to satisfy their own needs for land and resources, Man is encroaching on their sacred territory, cutting down the trees and destroying everything else that stand in their path.

Reply Kirito He did say that he'd go visit her. Friends were betrayed and bonds were broken Rated: Just when she thought he would kill her for trespassing, he saves her from drowning in the storm-swollen river.

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Now, Ashitaka and San face a bigger problem that takes them across all of Japan, and through events which lead to its unification.

Report Uramas 4 years ago. Reply mint 5 years ago. Surrounded by the warring characters of the humans on one side and the animal-gods on the other, each side believing in the righteouness of its cause, it is Ashitaka and San who must face each other personally and, by the end of the film, come to an understanding of each other's world and make the attempt to coexist without hatred and violence.

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And in the midst of trying to undo the damage done, Ashitaka does what he can to make himself a part of San's life. As a result, t Nice story line, music, and very respectable main characters.

Not far from the heart of the sacred forest where the great Deer God dwells, a new town called Irontown is founded.

Ashitaka gets roped into running a few errands, because that's just the sort of person he is. Outside of the encampment he is attacked by the "Monster Princess", a girl raised in the woods by Moro no Kimi a year old female wolf god and who is driven by a fierce hatred for the humans who are destroying the forest.

His people still live in hiding, but when his village was attacked, he shot and killed one of the animal gods. Princess Mononoke Manga Summary: So how do we know that they didn't end up together? Reply longnguyen I've watched this movie 7 years ago.

I was hoping that the boy would've returned back to his village with San About 4 years ago. San -in the mask of Princes Saisana-works to deceive an entire nation's royalty, while Ashitaka hides in plain sight from those who would destroy him.

Ah, how we destroy nature in incredable Ashitaka returns to the forest to ask San to be his wife, wanting to be honest about his affections for her. San's fierceness flickers as the safety of her children enters her mind.

Jon lives in a Shrine that surrounds a Tree from that time. Into this conflict wanders a young boy, Ashitaka, a refugee of the Emishi people.

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Reply MonicaMaharani 5 years ago. He has begun a search through Japan to find the secret of his curse when he arrives at the encampment.

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Let us explore her past, bring to light the horrors of her youth, upraise the great question of who this feral being is.

Jon saves the Emshi village from an attacking Boar Demon but is cursed for him efforts. I do, however, enjoy the affection Ashitaka shows and how it settles subtly 4 years ago.

As they travel to save the Forest Gods of the East and Ashitaka's oldest friend, they must fight against the inner and outer forces that would tear them apart. P 4 years ago.

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San happily complies to his wishes and confesses something too. In the dawn of another war, Ashitaka and San must decide whether to fight for Irontown or to stay their blades.

Mononoke Sharing Chapters

I can say that it's such a wonderful feeling. When Ashitaka is told he has to return home but he decides to stay in Iron Town? Reply osos this ending is the best. Anyway this is a good movie. After being abused from her family and running away, she goes with Zephron and he watches her as his own.

Zephron was the Boar God of the East, guardian of the forest. Reply Yuka About 5 years ago.