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Chapter 1 'Honey, you need to get laid. Yet in order to save her, Fang must break the law of his people and the faith of his brothers. And even though I knew what was going to happen, I still cried when I wrote the scene.

While four is not as strong as our seven, four riders make a formidable team… and the majority we need to call for a judgment and take back what was stolen from us.


I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and years as an exiled Dark-Hunter. This is what romance novels ARE. But I was not born to know love. The idea that if she had been like, "Okay, bye" his inner beast? Just what Nick had put on his Christmas list.

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Really sucked most days. Now there's the seductive Dream-Hunter Xypher, who needs Simone's help in tracking down a Dimme demon out to literally devour the human race.

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So, no points off. Sighing heavily, he glared at his hulking henchmen, Pain and Suffering. You got thirty cronas, slag? Brave and strong, she is a point of light in the darkness.

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The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are stirring, and they are hungry for human flesh. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence.

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There's also this part where, if she had not let him in to the hotel room for sex he would have broken his vow of "interfering in human free will. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn't.

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From the looks of it, the kid was probably a crew member being punished or a prisoner being transferred. Each reader is going to like different stuff.

All that was missing was the balloon animals. I can't trust anyone No one who would give a single shit that he would be dead in less than half an hour. He walks you ba I hate to rate this so low. He is a cute little thing.

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And so out of jealousy came a curse to endure. Something unnatural was happening.

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Now an ancient enemy has been unleashed and our dreams are his chosen battlefield. Then you two have amazing sex. Even more agitated by their fear, he skimmed his hand over the large crystal skull on his table.

Dagger frowned at that particular defiant and aggressive gesture.

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Then without a word, she went to fetch his drink. He saw nothing, and that only ticked him off more. Those who are wrongfully killed appear to her, and help her find the evidence the police need to convict their killers.

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She, alone, bothered to take me out of the bedroom and into the world. His only goal will be to please you, to serve you. Together, we can make our Malachai-Gautier demon all he should be. Hunted down and exterminated for that trait and any other ability or skill their grandmother had deemed an.