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Eg0600fbdbu firmware hpdating, ask a question


All 6 disks were inserted when the server eg0600fbdbu firmware hpdating already up and running. This didn't change a thing. After re-enabling these drives after erase finished successfully they again were not recognized when inserted into a running server.

The server has 1 drive cage with bay populated with GB SFF 15k drives and bays were empty. The reseller where i bought these drives had bought them directly off HP bibflirt uni hd a batch of pieces.

But even with the newest firmware on the drives and the newest Firmware 6.

Firmware version HPD7 prevents an initialization handshake issue that could result in the controller not recognizing that the drive is installed.

HPD7 Firmware mentions a fixed bug that one might think is the cause for this issue: I opened a case with HP, case numberand they suggested to completely erase the drives.

This has been confirmed with at least 3 different DL G7 servers. They didn't have problems with these drives before - but this might be because they sell HP servers with disks populated and when the Servers are powered up with the drives already present So i went along and used hpacucli in a DL G7 test system to secure erase these drives: Also our HP Partner didn't know of any occurance of this issue before.


Does anyboby here has seen this problem before? Sometimes one or two of these four GB drives are recognized after hotplug insert, but this does not follow any pattern.

The ports are not to blame because 72GB disks and GB disks do work well in these bays. The GB drives in bay did not show up. Upon boot the already inserted GB drives are recognized instantly without problems and can be used as expected e.

This results in the drive being reported as bad or missing. If interested see attached diagnose dump of the controller with all four EGFBDBU drives present in bay and an additional 72gb disk in bay 5 and a gb disk in bay 6. The Server is running Debian Linux so i checked with hpacucli ctrl all show config and only saw the four GB drives in bay HP closed the case and i'm now stuck with exchanging the drives via our HP Partner for new ones - hopefully working ones.

The only known workaround so far, confirmed on 2 servers, is to reboot the server!