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The novelist as Craftsman One can see the influence of this novel on Thomas Mann's style in Buddenbrooks. Typically effi briest riassunto yahoo dating a Fontane novel its strength isn't in the plot but in the characters and particularly in how the characters are shown through speech - not just what they say, but also how they talk and how they use conversation.

In Berlin over the next seven years, Effi is pursued by the shadow of her affair.

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Or should this be read in the light of the educational value of literature, had Effi read her Goethe, Heine, or Samuel Richardson might she have been better placed to survive adult life?

At her request, Effi is buried with her maiden name. Had he kept quiet he might have been able to forget the affair, which had ended six years before. Effi adjusts to another new life, determined to be a good wife.

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Effi is, by bad flirting texts to him, the passive element in the story. Innstetten is another Prussian type: Does the positive characterisation of the catholic Roswitha and the detail of Effi's characterisation at home lead in that direction?

A daughter, Annie, is born, but Innstetten is keen to get on, and leaves his young wife on her own where she falls prey to a womaniser, Major von Crampas. The other cycle in the book is that of the natural year.

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The irony of his last words. Clothed with all the charm of the fairy-story the gracious figure had an effect like a miraculous picture" http: Innstetten takes her back to the town in Pomerania from which he runs the local administration. Geert von Innstetten, an ambitious nobleman and civil servant on the brink of middle age, makes an uncontroversial marriage to Effi von Briest, the year-old daughter of a former flame.

Reconciled to her parents, she dies. A few years ago I spent a night at Kyritz in Brandenburg and accidentally ran into a gathering of Plothos that included Elisabeth von Plotho's great nephew.

After Christmas, Crampas and Effi begin an affair, during which Effi hears Roswitha's story about the youthful pregnancy that nearly destroys her life.

A simple tale of the breakdown of a marriage illustrates a small minded and self destructive culture.

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The bourgeois is reasonable in crampas' and innstetten's view - is this a positive? He has gotten over his obsession with work and honors but cannot find how to put his loveless life together.

Despite this she is able to transcend her society and forgive him, whether that is helpful or meaningful beyond establishing something about her character is another question, in a sense, as a social novel, her forgiving him is a shocking act. A ghost, a Chinese servant who may or may not have died as a result of an illicit affair, appears at her moments of fear, egging her on to seek solace in the other; a metaphor for lust?

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He is not a hypocrite. After having paid the obligatory social visits to the local aristocracy, Effi realizes that she will not find friends in that circle. He talks obliquely of Innstetten's "mystical leanings" and being a "born pedagogue," wanting to improve Effi. He confesses that he loves his wife, and had no cause to suspect her.

Fontane was the supreme apologist for Prussian values and his heroes - and villains - are often drawn from the ranks of its modest but warlike squirearchy.

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A Glance over the Literary Landscape Since Effi's travelling companion is reading Zola's Nana when the news comes of the breakdown of her marriage it seems natural to compare this failed marriage novel with some of the others that if not Fontane then his reading audience would be familiar with to bring out some of the distinctive features of Fontane's approach.

The plot is very simple and loosely based on a true story, the strength This is a book in which everybody gets what they wanted, whether they like it or not.

Effi knows that she is too young to become a mother, but Annie is born, cared for by Roswitha, who Effi rescues from unemployment and depression shortly beforehand. Innstetten finds the letters through an unfortunate accident. Her husband's actions, governed by a principled moral code, lead to her being ostracised and the extent of her ostracism is determined by the degree to which society shares or conforms to her husband Innstetten's values.

Towards the next reading Effi knows the danger of what she is doing, does not justify herself, but cannot stop. Effi and her daughter areborn in the summer. The eponymous heroine gets to marry a man of principals, her husband gets to marry somebody who he thinks presumably is just like her mother who he had wanted to marry twenty years earlier and Major Crampas gets to die in combat just as he always wanted.

Effi's delight at her new "oriental" surroundings in Kessin is brief.