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So what does this mean for the foundation? Equally in some countries some element of work-based learning is a mandatory part of all vocational programmes.

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So if we want a completely different and in many ways radical approach across the whole VET system covering Government, providers and employers, how can we achieve that? There is also a recognition that we need to develop leadership and governance.

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But I am not convinced we have really yet got a genuine systematic strategy to make the leap forward we need. Lots to talk about from my two days, with five highlights for me: I think the various reports, eg CAVTL etc and this conference have succeeded in exposing the problem and starting the debate in earnest about solutions.

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We are almost unique in being the only country where the numeracy proficiency of our youngsters is not as good as the older generation? The first thing that really struck me is how consistent the messages were from all the speakers.

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Is there a need for shorter skills topping up opportunities …. A worrying stat includes me! VET Conference - immediate thoughts As I sat on the train home from the Skills Show and associated events in Birmingham, I started thinking and drafting my next blog post.

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How about a jointly sponsored strategic plan from the providers and employers: There will of course be official summaries, but I thought I would just focus on some of the main themes which I recall and without referring to my notes, even if I could read them!

We have the developing idea of the VET centre, but the ambitions for this could be challenging to realise. Also good support of the Teach Too concept, where employers deliver some of the training.

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There was a clear message from the big employers that we were miles away from the right balance at the moment. So what were some key messages that stuck in my mind?

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Also here bit about changing the perception and understanding of youngsters about the value of technical vocational skills. More need for higher skilled people and less at the lower levels.

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So my worry bead is that there is lots going on at the moment, but will it be enough? I reckon I have been both in my time and this could be another interesting subject to debate, but not for now.

Unfortunately I suspect not!