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Bizarro's freeze vision overpowers Supergirl. Upon opening her eyes as the convulsions stopped, they had turned completely black, prompting him to remark that "she's alive".

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Whether Bizarra was created by Bizarro or was a pre-existing character is unclear. He indirectly confesses to his experiments, having obtained Kara's DNA from the arm black women dating in texas Red Tornado and flooded the comatose girl that became Bizarro with a concentrated infusion of the DNA.

Cat glances at Winn, who looks away embarrassed. One day before her appearance, Maxwell Lord was in her room again and boasted about his many achievements - but said she is his most perfect creation and kissed her hand.

Back in the lab, Bizarro is now in a suit identical to Supergirl's and is made to watch Supergirl on TV while being shocked frequently. An earlier animated version of Bizarra was shown in an episode of the television series The Super Powers Team: Cat Grant arrives with not only her own latte but also Kara's go-to order, to the latter's confusion.

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When he tries to reach for the pieces, Bizarro warns him not to move, saying that she knew Kara loved him because they are the same. Kara flies back to her apartment and notices a eerie, gooey plant sprawled over the table.

At his lab, Max commands Bizarro, whose chest symbol is now reverse and suit is darkened, to attack Kara's loved ones. Bizarra appears in Lego Batman 3: She also states that she wanted their relationship to go back to being strictly professional.

Kara receives a text from Adam and James said he seems like a terrific guy. During her date with Adam, Kara sees a news report of a stranded tram, prompting her to bail.

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She is left with her old face, but her eyes are again pure black and her skin is pale grey and covered in porcelain-like cracks. This line is not in continuity with the other comic book titles released through DC Comics so its storylines have no impact on Wonder Woman's generally established comic book history.

Bizarra seemed to be romantically interested in Bizarro but the feeling was not shared as Bizarro was in love with his world's version of Lois Lane only. Wardwho also voiced Wonder Woman. Winn and James share a drink over their romantic troubles. However, when he reaches for the watch again, Bizarro lost her temper, calling him a liar and breathing fire at him, but not before he activated it with his foot.

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The mysterious woman is conscious. In the story, Bizarro is bored being able to defeat his fellow Justice League members so he creates a Bizarro version of the villain Amazo.

Contents [ show ] Synopsis Kara faces off against her mirror image when Bizarroa twisted version of Supergirl, sets out to destroy her.

Kara denies to Winn Schott that the woman in the news is her. Despite being an inanimate statue, Bizarro insists that Bizarro Wonder Woman is a good team player.

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Thus she has the opposite life of the traditional Wonder Woman who started out as a clay statue of a child who was transformed into a flesh and blood woman. J'onn says they are going to put her under, the way she was before being resuscitated and Kara comforts her saying she went to sleep for a long time once, but when she woke up, she wasn't alone, reassuring Bizarro that she wouldn't be alone either.

Kara is slightly freaked out over Cat's attitude, but she decides to focus on Bizarro along with Winn and James Olsen. Alex convinces Kara to go on her date.

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He begins to tell her that everyone sometimes feels ugly or feel that no one loves them or ever will. J'onn and Kara agree to try and help her while she is comatose. During their fight, Bizarro's cheek cracks like porcelain and they break the tram's support, causing it to fall.

Threatening Alex to not reveal his operations, insinuating that he knows that they are family, he proclaimed "May the best girl win! Alex goes to Max, saying she knew what he's up to.

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Adam meets Kara at CatCo and asked her out for another date that night. Planning on taking them back to protect Bizarro World, Mister Mxyzptlk convinces Bizarro to train his new friends on Earth, which causes havoc for the real Super Powers Team.

James tries to comfort Kara, but she wants to be alone.