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I split my cable to a box and I got all the channels somehow channels I pay for only. Some of these players are even equipped with recording capabilities, allowing users to record television programs or transfer the contents of a tape to a DVD. Be sure to place them back where they belong so that audio and video settings are fully functional.

I had to use a dta converter from comcast on the dvd rec tho' so it was sd rec only as is the other choice by the way. Ensure that the appropriate cables are being used for this connection.

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I wouldnt know how to show you a diagram, I just fiddled till it worked. As previously stated, it is easy for these cables to become unplugged or to be plugged into the wrong output.

Many models force a stuck cassette or disc out when a button sequence is used. While this technology is great for cutting down on electric costs, players could shut off unexpectedly when a viewer steps away for a few minutes to focus on something else. I had mine on av input on tv with those rca cables or hdmi out to tv both worked.

The cables should be plugged in to the auxiliary inputs according to color. How to Fix the Audio Settings Sound that is too low or echoing is typically associated with a poor connection between the combo player and the television or stereo equipment.

DVD-VCR combo

Cables can easily become unplugged during cleaning or dusting near the unit, or by a child who discovered the cords. Those with HDTVs matchmaker dating uk indian progressive scan capabilities want a DVD player that is capable of high resolution as well, so buyers should look for that spec when shopping around.

Good luck to you. If a user is having trouble transferring a movie, the first step to take is to determine whether the cassette is copyrighted.

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Searching the vast array of combo boxes available on the Internet, consumers are sure to find used and new options that fit any budget. Use the owner's manual to determine whether power-saving settings are switched on.

If the owner's manual is misplaced, search online by looking up the specific make and model of the device. Adjust these settings to ensure that the player remains on for an extended period of time.

Unless it has no tuner, I dont know how that works maybe just the input will do it. This method only allows you to watch what youre recording.

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You can output it to tv any method you desire and use that input button to see the tv. In order to make full use of HD capabilities, all hardware must be HD-compatible. I had a tech approve this so its okay I guess, he even called a manager to ask LOL and thats not why he was here.

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How to Remove Stuck Cassettes or Discs There are plenty of reasons for a cassette or disc to become stuck in a player. When this feature stops working on a combo player, it can be frustrating.

Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for DVD VCR Combos

And if the progam has protection rights against recording you wont be able to rec it, it will shut off the recording. I had it hooked up two ways in past I will address both.

If the tape is a home video, or is something that is otherwise not under copyright, check the owner's manual or search online for common troubleshooting tips. Be sure to check where the seller is shipping from, since DVD players sometimes fit only a specific region, and play only that region's DVDs.

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There is a disc drive for playing DVDs and a separate slot for inserting a video cassette tape. If it works for you depends on your area and what they have scrambled I suppose you could use any comcast activated cable box thats seperate from your primary one. Protected tapes contain tabs that actually prevent the information from being transferred.

If you use the dta version you can watch one thing and rec another.

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The good news is that affordable combo players are available for purchase on eBay. You have to hide the dta behind something or the cable box remote will change its channels too.

Does any one have a hook up diagram for dvd/vcr combo with digital cable box???

Currently I have it hooked to back end of cable box I use L1 for input on recoreder because its the correct input I used on dvd rec. Many modern televisions contain several inputs, so it is important to ensure that the correct input is selected on the screen.

How to Check the Power Settings Many new electronics feature power-saving settings. However, sometimes users lose the manuals that came with the VCR box. It makes financial sense to stick with tapes instead of upgrading to DVDs for older movies that are not frequently watched, but it can be difficult to find a way to watch cassette tapes.

For those who want to watch their video tapes, standalone VCRs can be difficult to find, but combo players are still being manufactured.

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This sequence varies according to the manufacturer and should only be used when media is stuck. These days, high-definition TVs are easy to come by, and p is the norm for new TVs. My usual way LOL.

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If this is the case, the movie cannot be transferred to a disc.