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The monument dubravska zahradating built in an unknown year by a local resident for the saving of his life.

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Today, the house is divided into two by an inside wall running along the length of the house. The pedestal contains the following text engraved: It was reconstructed by the local government office in and again in These cookies collect information relating to your activity on our website and store this information under an anonymous identification dating help chat room. The monument was originally in an unknown place, in the year it was moved into the area of the local rectory and in it was reconstructed in moved into its current place.

The lower part of the monument features dedication to its builders and the upper part contains a statue of Virgin Mary inside a shallow niche.

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During the Napoleonic and Austro-Prussian wars it was sacked and burned The well, though closed and purely decorative, features a water drawing mechanism under the small roof. You can find out how to do this using your browser's help function.

The sandstone sculpture depicting the angel of death embracing a dying soldier was mastered by Alojz Rigelethe pedestal is centimeters tall and made of fake stone. A tracking service that helps us find out what can be improved on the website.

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The information from the cookie can then be used to display ads plus product and other content from DAF Trucks N. He is depicted as a Roman soldier according to traditional iconography, pouring water on a burning house upon which he stands.

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Google AdWords uses session cookies and persistent cookies for its advertising products. The statue of Saint Mary rests on a tall column in classical architectural style which rests on a rectangular pedestal with engraving in the Hungarian language.

It was destroyed in during the Second World Warrebuilt in from the money from volunteers and it was reconstructed in The statue rests on a tall column, both made of stone. In addition, tracking cookies are placed by third parties for social media purposes and to ensure that you see relevant information and ads when visiting other websites.

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Since the s, the construction of apartment blocks has continued. It was first mentioned in written documents in once occupied by Croats. The above ground portion of the well is made of concrete with the following text engraved: Functional cookies are essential to ensure that our website functions correctly and to provide a service that you have requested, for example automatic login or automatic completion of your details.

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The monument consists of a stone column topped by a metal frame with two pictures. Choose your cookie setting Optimum: Cookies can be used to determine whether your computer has connected to one our pages before.

The wooden cross is painted red and contains a sculpture of Jesus Christ. The small stony cross sits atop a massive rectangular pedestal. The pedestal is in the form of a rectangular pillar.

The area consists of typical socialist era panel houses. If you would prefer not to receive any cookies whatsoever, you can also customise your Internet browser settings to completely block any sites from placing cookies on your computer. In the past the pedestal consisted of three parts, a table containing engraved text was just underneath the statue and the monument used to be protected by a small metal roof.

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The column features a rectangular base with a marble table attached with engraved text that translates as: It is a unique example of a multi-functional village house, which served as a dominant feature in the settlement.

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Later, pipeline into the local school was built as well as into the houses of some inhabitants. These cookies do not store any personal data such as your IP address, name or other information.

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It was reconstructed in Statues of Saint Florian were common in the public areas of settlements in the region in the past.

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