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Intermission - Piece Of My Heart In poverty-stricken Afghanistan, where women are forbidden to work, making men the only breadwinners, boys often have to provide for their families from a very young age.

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Here, sex with a boy considered less of a sin than having sex with an unmarried woman, and male child prostitution is seen as a lesser evil than women selling their bodies. In fact, it appears to be undergoing a revival. La Cream - You Dune - I Can Boys, handlers and punters all speak openly about this outlawed, yet widely practiced, sexual tradition.

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RT Doc goes to Afghanistan to ask how the bachas became rent boys and goes to a private party where the boys dance and meet their customers. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On Technotronic - Get Up Jam And Spoon Feat.

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After the party, the men choose their favourite boy for sex. Antiloop - In My Mind Often, boys who need to feed their families become bachas from as young as Bass Bumpers - Good Fun Lipstick - Im A Raver Imperio - Cyberdream Snap - Ooops Up Leila K - Electric Mo-Do - Gema Tanzen Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe Dr Alban - No Coke Brooklyn Bounce - Canda Loft - Hold On Premarital sex is forbidden for women so many men seek the company of rent boys.

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Darkness - In My Dreams President - Gonna Get Along Haddaway - Fly Away Pharao - Temple Of Love DJ Bobo - Freedom Culture Beat - Anything Captain Jack - Drill Instructor Snap - Eternity Many are tempted by the money that being a bacha can give them while their families are often too busy trying to survive, to object, or even notice where the money comes from.

Haddaway - Rock My Heart Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up Full Speed - Star Scooter - Move Your Ass! Masterboy - Everybody Needs Somebody Captain Jack - Dream A Dream Cappella - Move On Baby East 17 - Thunder Twenty 4 Seven - Take Me Away Rednex - The Way I Mate Corona - The Power Of Love Captain Hollywood - Only With You La Bouche - Sweet Dreams

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