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Are you a Tardis? He can go from dashing and witty to deeply scary and holding a gun in your face in a matter of seconds. You might feel a christina aguilera and eminem dating silly talking to yourself, but this is a key step in overcoming your self-conscious feelings.

If you must use a pick-up line, make it part of a funny routine that will hopefully excite his or her sense of humor — just keep in mind that this is a very risky approach. Explicitly immortal so it's okay. Never did know the answer to that one.

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Even the Guys Want Him: If it has a semblance of a personality, Jack will flirt with it. Regulators agreed that medics should be careful. I've never been to Uranus. I'm so drunk off your love, I'm silurian. Custard is sweet and so are you. Such type of dilemma is what some of our nurses are facing each day.

It's been noted that while Jack has an American accent and is more in line with typical sensibilities of American science fiction action heroes, the Doctor is supposed to reflect a more traditionally British and more pacifistic approach to SF heroes, even in action scenes.


When you're with children. You must be a time lord, because you have two hearts I'll make you as hard as a weeping angel.

In addition to that, entertaining such kind of idea might create a rift between you and your other female co-workers, especially those who are equally enamored with this captivating doctor in white robe.

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You are what I never knew I always wanted. Before he was rendered immortal, his response to the Daleks' "Exterminate" was to defiantly throw down his gun, stand up straight, and mutter "I kinda figured that". Don't obsess over a single moment or detail.

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I'm much better at it now. He looks like a full-grown human man but he's over in series 3, over in series 4. Now back at your man.

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I will always remember when the Doctor was me. Or anything for that matter.

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A fool and his money are soon my boyfriend. I only know who. Always wears some variation of a blue shirt, dark trousers held up by suspenders, brown boots and an RAF greatcoat.

When this happens, it is obligatory for a person under such circumstances to draw a fine line between work and personal affairs. Has been happily married at least once, and is still good friends with his ex-girlfriend from the s, pretending to be his own son.

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Thanks to the Bad Wolf, he'll never die permanently. Hurt his team and you are in for a world of pain. Having practiced your openers will add a huge amount of confidence the next time you have an opportunity to try one of them.

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Davies was pretty heavily inspired by Joss Whedon. However, I was proven wrong when a friend of mine attested that such intimacy really exists in real life.

Your location will have the biggest effect on the kind of behavior that will be considered appropriate. He became a better person thanks to the Doctor's influence, to the point he'd happily be a Love Martyr for him.

Doctor Who flirts a disaster

Has the occasional flirt with Gwen and jokingly invites her for a threesome and has a snog with his ex-boyfriend shortly before he asks his sometime 'dance partner' Ianto on a date. If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?

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I never know hwy.