CAP/CAS Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve CAP/CAS Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve

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After years of controlling vacuum advance with full manifold vacuum, along came emissions requirements, years before catalytic converter technology had been developed, and all manner of crude band-aid systems were developed to try and reduce hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust stream.

The advance control valve has three vacuum nipples: There is a complete video list showing on line videos of installing the carb from removal of the old one, installing the new one, and trouble shooting. What can cause excessive manifold vacuum to the vacuum advance unit in a Nissan Pintara?

There is not a vacuum advance persay. Additional spark lead provides extra time for a more complete burn of the mixture in each cylinder.

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Many people don't, as there has been very little written about it anywhere that makes sense, and as a result, a lot of folks are under the misunderstanding that vacuum advance somehow compromises performance. As many of you are aware, timing and vacuum advance is one of my favorite subjects, as I was involved in the development of some of those systems in my GM days and I understand it.

Chris botti and caroline campbell dating games a Chevy with rotor that distributor vacuum advance hookup clockwise what direction do you turn distributor to advance or retard? Either on one of the intake runners or at the base of the carb.

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Standing in front of the vehicle looking at the engine turning the distributor clockwise advances the timing. This Chrysler Master Technician Service Conference booklet has an explanation of the distributor control valve and, starting on page 10, test and adjustment procedures for the valve.

Vacuum advance, on the other hand, responds to engine load and rapidly-changing operating conditions, providing the correct degree of spark advance at any point in time based on engine load, to deal with both lean and rich mixture conditions.

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Hey, free gas mileage…who wants some? That will louse up your ability to set the idle mixture and speed for a smooth, stable, clean idle.

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Hesitation on flooring the gas to pass another car? Rich mixtures, on the other hand, burn faster than lean mixtures, so they need to have "the fire lit" later in the compression cycle spark timing retarded slightly so maximum cylinder pressure is still achieved at the same point after TDC as with the lean mixture, for maximum efficiency.

This made big problems. Past testing indicates that Pontiac engines typically respond favorably to degrees of vacuum advance, bringing total spark lead initial plus centrifugal plus vacuum advance into the degree range at part throttle.

In modern cars with computerized engine controllers, all those sensors and the controller change both mixture and spark timing 50 to times per second, and we don't even HAVE a distributor any more - it's all electronic.

A few years late rFord and AMC began using similar valves.

A distributor with vacuum advance compensates for varying

Engineers found that HC emissions could be limited by reducing spark lead in light-load conditions. Vacuum levels in those conditions jumped 1 to 1. In these instances, the flame front is quenched by a cooler surface, such as the cylinder wall, and the unburned and partially burned fuel and air molecules are emitted as HC.

It does not take any bite out of performance or drivability, nor does it have any other detrimental effect.

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How do i test a vacuum advance unit? Its located inside the valve core on the right rear tire. This was done in order to increase exhaust gas temperature due to "lighting the fire late" to improve the effectiveness of the "afterburning" of hydrocarbons by the air injected into the exhaust manifolds by the A.

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It advances the timing under closed-throttle, high-vacuum situations: Stern In the mids, laws and regulations first in California, then across the U.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone driving a street-driven car without manifold-connected vacuum advance is sacrificing idle cooling, throttle response, engine efficiency, and fuel economy, probably because they don't understand what vacuum advance is, how it works, and what it's for - there are lots of long-time experienced "mechanics" who don't understand the principles and operation of vacuum advance either, so they're not alone.

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Every time the clutch was engaged, engine vacuum dropped and the unit retracted, causing the engine to stumble severely at take-off. This prompted us to readjust the carburetor settings and reconnect the vacuum-advance unit to ported vacuum for further testing.

Adjustable Vacuum Advance

After a number of different static initial and vacuum-advance settings, we ultimately arrived at 14 and 12 degrees, respectively. The easiest way I know to initially test the Vacuum Advance that is connected to a distributor is to simply detach the vacuum line from where the line leads to and suck air thru the line that should still be attached to the Vacuum Advance.

It is possible that you have the pipe connected incorrectly.

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I finally sat down the other day and wrote up a primer on the subject, with the objective of helping more folks to understand vacuum advance and how it works together with initial timing and centrifugal advance to optimize all-around operation and performance.

Conclusion There is one constant generality about vacuum advance that likely applies to every combination: This valve is a pneumatic logic gate — a very simple mechanical computer. We make no guarantees regarding validity or accuracy of information, predictions, or advice —.

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Need vacuum schematics for 85 Chevy pickup distributor? Which carburetor outlet do you use for hose from distributor vacuum advance chev ? Not only were the technology, technique, and knowledge of engine emissions and combustion dynamics primitive, but for years the standard fix for any drivability faults was to fatten up the fuel mixture.

For peak engine performance, driveability, idle cooling and efficiency in a street-driven car, you need vacuum advance, connected to full manifold vacuum. Vacuum advance has absolutely nothing to do with total timing or performance, as when the throttle is opened, manifold vacuum drops essentially to zero, and the vacuum advance drops out entirely; it has no part in the "total timing" equation.

After the preliminary adjustments, idle quality noticeably improved, and vacuum jumped roughly 1. Ported-vacuum advance can then be used to improve part-throttle response and overall fuel economy.