MouseMingle is a dating site for Disney lovers MouseMingle is a dating site for Disney lovers

Disney lovers dating website, how to master the art of online dating

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When Disney fans say "love," they really mean it and not just in a "I found prince charming and we'll get married now and live happily ever after" kind of way, but the "I wear Mickey Mouse pajamas and mouse ears to sleep and 'Once Upon a Dream' is my lullaby" type of love.

As such, they deserve to have a dating outlet where they can search for the Kristof to their Anna without fear of judgment. When you're creating your profile, you're prompted to check boxes that indicate your various interests.

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However, on this particular site, all of your options are Disney-related. However, Disney lovers have simply found a way to hold onto their inner child's enthusiasm and sense of magic.

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He was always a huge Little Mermaid fan, because of her voluminous, red hair and her singing and probably the seashell braand I was crazy in love with Prince Eric. It's totally understandable that Disney lovers would want their own dating site because opposites may attract, but the intensity and depth of Disney love that bonds two people together is more powerful and lasting.

I can really only date guys who appreciate a running gag, and famous film parodies. Hold on a minute before you click "Join Now" because we're not just talking about loving Disney characters, cartoons and products.

If so, do I have the dating site for you. Some of my best single friends are incredibly passionate about Disney, but feel if they put that in their dating profiles, they'll automatically be marked as childish and dorky by prospective dates.

The site was created by Dave Tavres, a Culver City "software geek" as he calls himself who believes niche dating sites like MouseMingle are the direction in which online dating is headed.

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Two days ago, a fabulous new dating site launched that exclusively caters to avid Disney fans. Tweet Pin Do you find yourself spending all your free time binge-watching the original, remastered versions of classic '90s Disney movies?

As the site states on its welcome page: As such, I have long red hair and a yen for crooning in the car, and he has black hair, ice blue eyes and often wears billowy, white shirts.

But we do," the site explains.

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It may sound goofy but it's no joke that a dating site like it exists and you don't have to take our word for it either because you can check it out for yourself. You can disclose your favorite Disney song, what Disney toys you cherish, even your "Disney nerd level.

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So if, as a Disney fan, you're worried about your "Arabian Days and Arabian nights" like romantic prospects, "you must be swift as a coursing river" to find your match and, who knows However, just in case our union doesn't work out, can someone get started on a Mel Brooks fan dating site?

If we weren't already getting married, I would absolutely be searching for him on MouseMingle. Couples rereading their first conversations is hilariously cringeworthy VIDEO Tavres is a singlehardcore Disney fan himself, and even though he used to work on the Disneyland Railroad for realhe had trouble finding dates.

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It works much like any other dating site. It's not a local range either because the site is open to all Disney fans all over the world. When you imagine your wedding, are you stepping out of Cinderella's carriage into the arms of your Prince Charming?

If only we were all so brilliant, right? Dave Tavres, the person responsible for MouseMingle.

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