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The documentary filmmakers want to explore whether or not "everyone is bisexual"as is common in the animal worldas well as what the boundaries to 40 year old virgin speed dating full scene of paris male sexuality are.

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It was the goal of Tim and Nicolaas to reject the compartmentalization of human sexuality into the categories of "gay" or "straight" by exploring sexual fluidity and bi-curiosity.

Thailand online dating scams newspaper declared that "VPRO is looking for heterosexual girls for gay boys". It was from these conversations that Nicolaas developed the idea of Tim losing his heterosexual virginity on camera and basing a film around the event that would explore the topics of bisexuality and gay men's sexual fluidity.

The answer was "yes", because Tim was able to easily have sex with a woman and enjoy the experience.


The newspaper dismissed the program as a "sex dating show". Tim described his experience of sleeping with a woman and losing his gold-star by saying, "Can you be gay and still have satisfying sex with a girl?

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Nicolaas asks Tim if he currently sleeps with women or slept with women in the past.

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Tim is a gold-star gay man a gay man who has never had sex with a woman and decides that he wants to lose his heterosexual virginity to a woman. Nicolaas is smiling and asking how things went, while Tim explains to Nicolaas that the sex was excellent and he was surprised by how easy it was for him to perform heterosexual sex.

Tim was initially hesitant about dismissed gay dating show his heterosexual virginity, but found himself increasingly aroused by Nicolaas's suggestion that he sleep with a woman and film it, eventually deciding to go ahead with the project.

Nicolaas further relates to Tim that sleeping with women was surprisingly enjoyable and that trying sex with women helped him realize he was not as gay as he believed himself to be. While Tim still identifies as gay he has said he is glad he slept with a woman and learned a lot from the experience, while Nicolaas has stated that he found the effect of the heterosexual sex on Tim to be so interesting that it has motivated him to consider having sex with women again.

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For singles, this gay online dating site delivers quality matches in a secure network. Nicolaas says he slept with a woman to prove he was a "real man", but wants to truly enjoy sex with women in the future. VPRO received many angry letters from viewers, particularly gay men who felt that the program encouraged a " gay cure ".

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At the outset, Nicolaas identified as a gay man but had dated women and had heterosexual sex in the past, and although Tim had dated a woman before, he identified as a gay man and had never slept with a woman.

Given that the documentary was financed by the publicly funded Dutch television channel VPROsome objected that the government was paying a gay man to have sex with a woman. Nicolaas insists that Tim should sleep with a woman, engaging in a Socratic-style debate with Tim about the merits of sex with women, with Tim eventually relenting and coming to the conclusion that gay men having sex with women is the correct thing to do.

Plot[ edit ] Tim den Besten age 26 and Nicolaas Veul age 29 are documentary makers and friends. Using it you can search the videos also and can play them too before downloading.

The film culminates with Tim losing his gold-star by having unsimulated heterosexual intercourse with the French woman, while Nicolaas films the sexual encounter. Tim believes the film was a success because he accomplished what he set out to do by answering whether a gay man could have satisfactory sex with a woman.

However, Tim makes clear that his homosexuality has not been " cured " as he is still sexually and romantically attracted to men.

Gay dating show dismissed

One month later Nicolaas interviewed Tim again, with Tim reiterating that he was glad he tried heterosexual sex and still considered it to have been a very enjoyable experience.

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AllMale AllMalea popular free gay dating site, supports man-to-man connections. Tim defended the film, claiming that it was not homophobic because he is gay and he simply wanted to see if sex with a woman would be physically arousing.

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While some of Tim's friends criticized him as shameless, his parents were supportive of his film. They are both gay menor at least, they think they are gay. You can even search the episodes and movies and download them.

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They visit with science journalist Asha ten Broeke, who offers her view that all human beings, including all gay men, are bisexual.

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Since a standard account on MenNation is totally free, create a profile and test it out for yourself! Tim described this as a "second-coming out" and says that his father was supportive of his choice to sleep with a woman.

GenYoutube is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. Nicolaas interrogates Tim, asking him what it means to be " gay " and what Tim's own "gayness" entails.

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Tim further adds that he has no reason not to try it and that sleeping with a woman would give him a better understanding of his own sexuality. De Wijs denies den Besten's homosexuality, declaring him to be "not a bit" gay.

The website welcomes a variety of gender identities online.

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Tim wants to find out if his sexual orientation is as fixed as he believed it to be or if he might not be as gay as he thought. In an interview with de Volkskrant magazine, Tim said he announced to his father, "Dad, I'm going to have sex with a girl" during a dinner party.