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Meanwhile, Beelzemon, still searching for the Tamers, come across a bunch of Chrysalimon.

Digimon tamers

Catsuramon then appears and kidnaps Calumon. His toy suddenly glows and transforms into a Digivice, and Takato's fan-made design, Guilmon, materialises in front of him.

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Thrilled by the prospect of having a real-life Digimon, Takato embraces his new partner, and his adventures as a Digimon Tamer begin. When Takato and the others make it out of the strange area, they find Makuramon along with Majiramon, the Dragon Deva closing in on Calumon.

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Then things get worse when the Juggernaut program starts up again, with Beelzemon retreating and Henry and Takato are blown into a data stream. They are tasked with protecting the world from Digimon attacks, whilst a mysterious organization determined to eliminate all Digimon and their Tamers lurks in the shadows Rika and Renamon make a kite to take advantage of the winds.

When all is said and done, Kazu receives a Digivice and Guardromon becomes Kazu's partner. Rika goes after them with Renamon, but all three end up getting sucked up. Meanwhile, Takato and the others get sucked into another dimension.

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Takato quickly discovers that being a Digimon Tamer is not all fun and games—in reality, it's digimon tamers 22 latino dating more dangerous than the card games he's accustomed to.

Wanting to test his power, he destroys a number of them before the remaining ones digivolve into an Infermon thanks to an unintentional boost by Calumon.

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After an encounter with the Digi Gnomes, Rika and Calumon are reunited with the others. Kazu and Kenta, desperate for Digimon partners, ask Babamon and Jijimon to be their partners.

The motorcycle, Behemoth, rampages throughout the village. Seeking strength, Impmon relunctantly agrees to obey the sovereign and digivolves into Beelzemon.

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Things get bad though when Beelzemon shows up, ready to fight the Tamers. Wild Digimon have begun to appear all across Japan, causing rampages that result in chaos and mayhem.

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The two feed and leave the Tamers with a place to stay while the wind in the village dies down. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry are still falling through the data stream leaving Guilmon to worry about Takato with Rika and the others.

Digimon tamers

While fending off an attack from a Megadramon, Cyberdramon appears and destroys it. Apr 01, to Mar 31, Quality: Orochimon is finally defeated when Jeri uses a LadyDevimon card on Leomon. Then they meet Ryo Akiyama. Takato Matsuda is a huge Digimon fan that's particularly obsessed with the card game, and constantly daydreams about the universe therein.

Rika goes off by herself and Calumon searches for everyone. Tv Series Date it was first aired: Beelzemon defeats the Infermon and absorbs its data, satisfied with his new-found strength. Armed with his Digivice, which can scan trading cards to strengthen Guilmon, Takato and his new partner set out to combat the rogue Digimon.

Impmon encounters Chatsuramon, the Dog Deva and he offers to help Impmon digivolve. With the help of Cyberdramon and Ryo's Goliath card, Majiramon is destroyed. The Jagyamon point them in the direction of where they had seen Makuramon.

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Who knows where they'll end up now? Along with Kazu and Kenta, the seperated Tamers fly off in hopes of being reunited with the others. One day, he finds a mysterious blue card, which he slides through a scanner toy to use in the popular battle game.

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The Tamers find a way into the Digital World to save Calumon. While on their way, a data stream appears and is about to suck up Kenta and Kazu.

Digimon Tamers Episodes

HD Episode length approximately: Beelzemon emerges in the village and takes control of Behemoth, riding off into the desert. Ryo goes off to control Cyberdramon and wishes the others luck in finding Calumon.

The Tamers decide to help Andromon defeat Orochimon, but after a hard battle, Andromon de-digivolves into Guardromon. Digimon Tamers takes place in a world where the popular Digimon franchise is all the rage, consisting of a cartoon, video games, and the trading card game.