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Mid Index lenses are less likely to fog-up than glass lenses because it responds more favorably to temperature changes. Thicker lenses increase internal reflections that reduce vision quality.

Hi-Index lenses refract the light at a greater angle allowing the wearer to have a beautifully thin and light pair of glasses. Therefore, it is the industry standard for safety goggles, and highly recommended for kids' lenses. Glass lenses are approximately 2X heavier than plastic lenses of similar size and shape.

As prescription increases, the lenses become thicker.

Scan your face and try on any glasses.

A wide range of prescription lenses Browse the latest styles of prescription sunglasses. Furthermore, thicker lenses add to the weight of each pair of glasses reducing comfort.

It is lighter weight, more impact resistant than glass lenses; thus, becoming a popular type of material used in single vision, bifocal, and multifocal or progressive lenses. The reason for polycarbonate lenses' impact resistance is because of its "softness". Lenses can be tinted to virtually any color.

If you have any questions about your prescription, frame or delivery, call us, email us or just drop by our eyewear studio. It's the easiest way to buy glasses online.

Your card will be charged only if you do not return the home trial glasses within 10 days of receiving them. However, you flirty text messages for him yahoo not be charged. CR39 Lenses Features are: Even lenses with variable thickness are able to be tinted evenly.

High Index lenses have much lower internal reflection and surface glare than glass materials. If you want thinner, lighter lenses, and have an milder prescription, then mid index lenses are the way to go. Material is low price and easy to manufacture.

We stock single vision lenses, bifocal lenses and Multifocal lenses.

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You will see an option to select our digital lens coating during the checkout process. You try the glasses at home and get feedback from your friends and family.

However, because of its 1. Alternatively, you can upload the prescription or just take a picture of it using your smartphone and email it to us.

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High index lenses are also tintable, so you can get that pair of sunglasses you've been eyeing for so long. If you want thinner, lighter lenses, then high index lenses are the way to go. Glasses dispatched from Sydney in 24 hours.

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High Index lenses are less likely to fog-up than glass lenses because it responds more favorably to temperature changes. Pick a pair of designer glasses and choose from renowned eyewear brands Optically is an authorised eyewear retailer of designer glasses.

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Polycarbonate Lenses Features are: Mid Index lenses have much lower internal reflection and surface glare than glass materials. Yes, our returns policy is easy and simple. You can visit our eyewear studio in the beautiful eastern of Sydney.

Home trial glasses and frames Buying a pair of glasses online is simple. Our outstanding range of prescription glasses and sunglasses are all conveniently available on our website or at our eyewear studio located just two blocks away from Westfield at Bondi junction.

We are fast and friendly. The lighter weight provides the wearer greater comfort.

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Today it is readily available to the public. High Index Lenses Features are: Buy your prescription glasses online from Optically from our next day dispatch range and we will have them dispatched within 24 hours.

It impact resistance makes the material extremely suitable for sports, industrial safety goggles, and children's eyewear. Here, you can literally choose from thousands of glasses online for men and women.

Polycarbonate material was originally made for uses on canopies covering fighter planes and then made its way into space on astronaut visors and space shuttle windshields.

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CR39 lenses have much lower internal reflection and surface glare than glass materials. All you need to do is take a close-up picture of your face and you can see how hundreds of frames and sunglasses suit you.

All you need to do is get hold of a copy of your prescription and enter this information. A wide selection of our frames are now held in our lab in Sydney and this facilitates a quick dispatch. You select up to 4 pairs of glasses for a free home trial.

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Furthermore, the fragmented pieces are not as sharp as glass. We promise to do all that we can to ensure you are more than satisfied with your new pair of prescription glasses. Go Shop with us. We also offer our customers an option to include a digital lens coating, which protects the eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.

Note that all our single vision orders from the next day dispatch range are guaranteed to be dispatched within 24 hours. Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses on the market. You can try up to 4 frames in the comfort of your home or office.

Polycarbonate lenses has a high index of refraction 1.

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This means that if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase of glasses online, you can exchange them for free or get a full refund. If you have a bifocal or multifocal prescription, please allow us 7 to 10 days to dispatch your glasses.

We also cater to all types of eyewear prescriptions. Buy your prescription glasses at our store in Bondi Not comfortable buying glasses online? All you need to do is select up to 4 of your favourite prescription glasses and order for a free home trial.

The engineers at Optically have developed a virtual mirror to help you try frames online.