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Japan's Itochu Corporation Fortune companies, one of the top 20 comprehensive trading company with years of textile experience and high reputation in the industry.

DESCENTE innovative superior quality sports clothing will integrate functionality, technology, practicality in one, to provide consumers with both a sense of comfort and fashion products.

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With added features like armpit zippers for extra heat venting, hoods to keep your head as warm as the rest of you, powder skirts to keep snow outside where it belongs, and enough pockets to keep your valuables safe, secure, and dry, Descente offers what you need most to enjoy the outdoors more than ever before.

The four investment companies in Jiangsu Descente Ltd. DuPont, Jacques French companies had descente ou descente yahoo dating cooperation in jointly exploring the international market, and making good record. Trading Company is committed to provide athletes with a variety of high-quality performance apparel, has become Japan's leading clothing production and sales of motor function of one of the trading company.

For 79 years, Descente has created ski jackets to cover every skier's needs and the needs of anyone in search of durable, reliable warmth able to withstand mycroft is intimidating worst weather that Mother Nature can conjure up and toss down from the sky.

New in the domestic market this year, another well-known brand-LECOQ, has been making good word of mouth.


Details are as follows: The company in China has more than investment companies, eight-year turnover billion, is a leader in the field of international trade, including the amount of home textile companies operating the first Japanese trading companies.

Today, the brand refuses to slow down and offers the finest in quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and stunning, eye-catching designs that never sacrifice functionality in favor of fashion.

If keeping heat buildup to a minimum is a priority for you, Descente's warmly insulated jackets offer a comfortable breathability to ensure moisture and perspiration don't build up to weigh you down. With the rapid growth of Chinese economy, consumers continue to pursue quality of life, many well-known international sportswear brand after another, a hundred flowers blossom.

If its waterproofing you're concerned about, you'll be happy—and dry—thanks to Descente's water resistance designed to keep you dry underneath when snow and rain fall, and keep the snow outside your jacket when the inevitable tumble in the snow occurs.

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Since its establishment, the number of sales and profits to maintain continuous growth. Early in the Shanghai and Nanjing devaluation of the products to fashion apparel, supplemented by accessories such as shoes, bag, covered basketball, volleyball, running and baseball sportswear items such as family, and meet the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts.

By offering to meet the real needs of athletes, sports apparel, to help improve the community's active pursuit of the sport, and guide the community's awareness of health attitudes, causing DESCENTE get more attention and respect, and bold into the new century.

From the first day of their humble beginnings in Osaka, Japan back inDescente has been at the forefront of making toasty warm clothing from high performing fabrics ready for every wintertime occasion.


The company will be based on DESCENTE The brand concept has always been durable - high quality, innovative and practical, in an efficient operation, extraordinary products, appropriate services, and strive in the shortest possible time by the domestic sports apparel industry leader recruits leapt made in the next 08 Beijing Olympics booming.

Itochu Fiber Shanghai Co. Located in Shanghai Sales headquarters now consists of product planning department, sales and marketing operation of the three major business sectors, are responsible for planning the design of the product, retail channel management and brand to develop promotional.