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You do not have to be a lawyer, we simply seek the right people, who are passionate about maintaining fairness and justice in GCCF.

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Respond by email to requests relating to Casework, whether cases likely to be heard by the Disciplinary Committee, or dealt with by Fixed Penalty. If you are interested in joining either of these, you should write an application statement, using no more than one side of A4 paper, which describes how you fulfil the qualities required for the role.

Be able to assist the Committee Secretary when required, usually by email, telephone, or fax.

DC Food Policy Council Meeting 8/3/16, Part III

A member of the Investigation Committee is required to: Disciplinary Committee members must recuse themselves from any case that they have any direct or indirect association with, or with which they may be perceived as having an interest. For those interested there are just two criteria: Elections for the Appeals Committee will be held at the October Meeting.

A Committee member must be able to interview a witness, to put them at ease, and be prepared to body language personal space flirting text live evidence.

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Please read this in advance and do not stand for election if you would not dc council meeting live hookups to sign to accept the Declaration of Office.

The two members standing down, and those who are currently IC or DC reserves, are eligible to stand. If more than two Board members stand it will be the two who poll the highest number of votes.

For the second, read the role descriptions that follow this announcement carefully and make an application. Attend all meetings of the Investigation Committee and, in addition, be prepared to attend Disciplinary Committee Meetings when required.

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Be aware of the need for absolute discretion at all times; all of the material involved is confidential and may not be discussed outside the committee.

However, experience from your other hobbies, or from qualifications and employment may be relevant, so let delegates know about this. All members of the Disciplinary Committees will be required to sign a Code of Conduct in accordance with Byelaw 11 Such requests are normally accompanied by complaints and witness statements; these must be read and assessed by each Committee member.

You can do this by email or post. There is not sufficient time to read the papers at the meetings themselves. You may apply for more than one, but please put them in order of preference, as you can only be on one of these committees.

It can be downloaded HERE.

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Cases rarely hinge on one fact, right or wrong, but usually a number of different facts need to be taken into account, both for and against. Disciplinary Committee members must have a totally unbiased approach to a case and ignore any irrelevant information acquired either prior to or during a hearing.

You can give your address separately if you do not wish it to be printed. They must maintain impartiality throughout and remember there can be no public discussion of the case, or those concerned in it, in advance of the hearing.

Documents are circulated prior to the meeting and need to be analysed and the relevant information extracted to avoid being side-tracked at the Disciplinary Hearing. Prepare for meetings by reading many hundreds of pages of information from all parties prior to taking the papers to the meetings.

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Discussions in Disciplinary hearings must be treated with total confidentiality and discretion at all times. All applications received will be published with the Council agenda, so be aware that information you give will be in the public domain.

If a case is proven, decision must be made on appropriate action.