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Sruthi Sivaraman — Email: He seems to be learning effortlessly. Among our teaching staff, we also have dancers, musicians and other talented artists who ensure that afters choolers are rounded in the arts.

Van facility is also available to pick up and drop the kids. Dhivya We are very happy with our child's progress and the way she has been taken care.

The Freethinking School

His oral skills as well as his writing ability has improved. Montessori method is the most scientific way of teaching that has been universally adopted.

We are happy with his performance both study wise and interpersonal skills. Holistic development is the primary goal of Mountcrest Academy.

Day Care Centers in Bengaluru

A student of today will need various analytical and problem-solving skills with a global focus to succeed as a dynamic and caring citizen of India. The core belief at our preschool and day care is that children hold the KEY to our lives.

We have pre school programs aimed at children in the age group of 2 to 4. I would like to thank all of them. Spirit of NurtureTo grow, provide for and assist the developmental needs of children through successive and skeet ulrich dating rose costa stages of development from childhood to adolescence with the belief that the growing child can only lead humanity to actualise its potential.

Mohan raj The improvement of my child is excellent now he have learned lot of things after coming to kidscastle school. This also promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving during later part of their schooling. Interactions with Class teacher is very comfortable and convenient for us.

You can also contact Nightingales Medical Trust their work is described below Note: Aruna Murali I Heard quiet a opposite of what my son is at home.

Day Care Centres in Bangalore

Happy to see the changes in her. Satabdi Mukherjee "School is nearby and very friendly staff and teachers. With fun activities such as book club, gardening, science experiments and storytelling sessions, children find their school lessons come alive through our after school curriculum.

Several children across Bangalore are having fun with learning here. Every child is gifted. Jyothi I am extremely happy the way Alisha is learning new things at Kids Castle. Thanks to all the teachers and helpers to help Adrij in every way and to love him to that extent that he loves his school very much.

Ravi School has supported us to settle Ahana.

Jindal Naturecure Institute | Welcome to Naturopathy Treatment Centre in Bangalore, India

Thaks you so much Kids Castle team. Consequently, JNI has become the most sought - after detoxification centre in Bangalore. The Play School and Pre-School programs, with its world class propreitory syllabus and experienced teaching staff, prepares your child for the challenges of formal school education.

Rishub thakker Happy to see the activities done at school like Art work ,Craft work etc. Our VisionThe Nature versus Nurture debate is an old one.


Looking forward for his activities and improvements in the coming days. I am thankful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Kids Castle. Lydia Priyadharshini, Centre incharge. R Harel is very happy to come to school.

Staff is very good. R Sathya Narayanan Parent Name: Our beliefs are primarily rooted in the Montessori philosophy and principles.

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Thanks again for grooming our kid. Nature has privileged us with vast potentials as well as limitations, acquired over our long history. The way of teaching is very good not only teaching Extra General Awareness also my daughter is learningand understanding.

The result is to encourage lifelong learning, the joy of education, and happiness about one's path and purpose in life.

Reena Kavishree started learning Hindi with lot of interest. Also conducts weekly memory clinic.

About Akshara Play Home And Day Care Centre School

Now he just loves to come to school. We have a branch at Domlur www.

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Our curriculum ensures children will have a smooth transition to a formal school in later years. We run different programs for children of varying age groups. Pre-School A vibrant and fun programme that helps children start off on a lifetime journey of learning. Bineesh MS "At first he was not even interested to come to school.

It supports stay for evaluation and rehab, and short and long-term stay.

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We are a learning-growing-willing organisation, continually researching new ideas and learning from other sectors, We are passionate about helping children to be the future generation leaders.

JNI primarily focuses on naturopathy, diet and a healthy exercise regimen that includes Yoga therapy to help patients manage their disease—condition, and associated pain, if any,effectively. In furtherance of its objectives, the Mountcrest Educational Trust has decided to establish a unique school spanning the entire range from pre-primary to senior secondary levels.

New parent kits is very useful for us. We admit kids from 13 months to more than 48 months old.

Public Holidays / Closures

JNI operates on the principle that while naturopathy helps flush the toxins from the body and manage certain conditions better with dietary and lifestyle changes Yoga helps one maintain the benefits thus achieved.

Mountcrest Academy is a value-based educational institution, adopted a fundamental approach to high-quality schooling, influencing and enabling students to develop fully as individuals and creating connectedness to parents and the broader community.

Sufi has been enjoying thoroughly and had been looking forward to participating in the sports meet. Kids castle malleshpalya Child Name: Alisha Shaikh Parent Name: Feathertouch International is the best play school in Electronic City, Bangalore.

Rooms are single occupancy. This telemedicine-enabled residential facility is in a ward of of the ETCM hospital and designed to suit the needs of persons with dementia. We take pride in home-like non institutional atmosphere. Kids Castle 17th cross Kaggadaspura Child Name: After started schooling we found lot of changes in Kashyap, we feel happy once he reached home,he is able to recite poems and wants to write on paper.

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Treatment modalities Invasive surgeries, allopathic medicines and injections are not prescribed at JNI and all the treatments here are a combination of naturopathy, physiotherapy,acupuncture,exercise and Yoga.