DraftExpress - Darius Miller DraftExpress Profile: Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook DraftExpress - Darius Miller DraftExpress Profile: Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook

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Experienced wing that has been an excellent role player on a championship-caliber team for three consecutive years A very good spot-up shooter that moves well without the basketball Squares up to the basket efficiently Miller's offensive arsenal has been severely limited in his first two seasons in Lexington, initially because of his level of development and subsequently because of his role and the players around him.

Is seeing a lot of success shooting pull-up jumpers from feet away dating skills darius miller the hoop Moves his feet fairly well and uses his strength to keep players in front of him At first glance, Miller passes the look test, and has since his days as a standout at Mason County HS.


Oct 03, Miller likes to set his feet on the left side of the floor and wait for his teammates to set him up for a jump shot.

A capable rebounder, Miller sells out too frequently when closing out on the perimeter, but on the whole, his weaknesses defensively are correctable.

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Won't blow anybody away with novelisima online dating athletic ability Those additions to his game may not have a huge bearing on his success in the NCAA, but they'll be key to his development into an NBA prospect.

For that reason, he'd be better suited on a team with a star or two already on the roster Shoots a very limited number of free-throws only averaged 1. Defensively, Miller doesn't show fundamentals or great discipline when faked and is beaten off the dribble too frequently, but has all the tools to be a very solid defensive player.

He could just as easily continue to see limited touches as a complementary player should Kanter become eligible and Terrence Jones tap his excellent potential early on. Ready to contribute as a role-player right away A bit limited as a ball-handler, Miller's physical strength and solid first step allow him to get into the lane when he wants to, where he is adept at finishing with a floater.

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Standing 6'7, he has the size to play the three position on the NBA level, but it is his strength that makes him standout amongst his peers. Pos Rank - SF: Not particularly quick or fast Weighing in around pounds, Miller has a mature frame for a college player.

A gifted physical specimen, Miller has some of the tools NBA scouts look for in wing prospects, and this could be his best opportunity to showcase his individual talents if Enes Kanter is out of action for any considerable amount of time.

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His experience and role-playing potential will make him a very attractive option in the late-first or early-second round Isn't going to make a ton of mistakes or bad decisions An unknown commodity at this point as a high-usage player, Miller could be a player to keep an eye on this coming season.

Even when defenders effectively close him out, Miller's primary job in Kentucky's offense last season was to knock down the shots created by John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins and exploit chances to attack the rim when defenders close him out too aggressively, and with Brandon Knight and Marquis Teague headed to Lexington in the coming years; it seems unlikely that Miller will see that change.

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He can be effective and efficient without having to take many opportunities away from his teammates Largely a victim of circumstance, Miller played a bit part for Kentucky as a freshman before spending last season as he could spend the rest of his seasons in Lexington, surrounded by a parade of one-and-done stars.

If Enes Kanter is ruled ineligible or misses any significant amount of time, Miller is a strong candidate to be asked to step up.

Miller's ability to become more aggressive in putting the ball on the floor, less reliant on his jumper, effective at creating his own shot, and a better slasher may become more important to Kentucky's success that it has been in past seasons and is obviously essential to his pro prospects.

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He's played well against lesser competition in the preseason, but that doesn't promise him anything this coming year. His length allows him to contest shots, and he's quick enough to deny penetration when he's focused and playing hard, but needs to learn when to give a cushion and using his strength advantage more effectively.

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Has nice size for a small forward, standing 6'7. This could be a breakout season for Darius Milleror a near mirror image of last season.

Capable of making basic moves off the dribble He shows a good first step, gets off the floor well, and has a long wingspan, proving to be a fairly complete package athletically.

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Likes to camp in the corner, which creates space for post players and a potential bailout for ball-handlers Measured 6'7 in shoes lbs, with a 6'9 wingspan at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy. While he needs to improve his shooting consistency, ball-handling ability, and effort level on both ends, his physical tools could allow him to be a productive player with more touches.