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Puffs and strips could cover much of the skirt. These hairnets were frequently made of very fine material to match the wearer's natural hair color, but occasionally more elaborate versions were made of thin strips of velvet or chenille sometimes decorated with beads.

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Coe Family Connecticut, s Figure 1. Some even locked with a key.

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Style gallery —[ edit ]. The styles such as skeleton suits had completely disappeared. He was the first couturiera dressmaker considered an artist, and his ability to dictate design in the s lead to the dominance of Parisian haute couture for the next hundred years.

Coe Family

Fringed tongues on Oxfords and brogues were seen frequently. Such styling was usually maintained by the use of hair oils and pomades.

Pants styles were varied.

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On the left lower side is Conge, or Good-by. Collars that had once been open were now universally worn tightly buttoned, except for small boys who still might wear dresses with low necklines.

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The chemise and stockings worn were meant to soak up any perspiration and protecting the outer clothing. This thin necktie replaced the wide, billowing tie of the s. There was a key to identify the portraits, but the family unfortunately never bothered to fill it out.

Image courtesy of Joan L. A composite of two fashion engravings from an early s Godey's Lady's Bookshowing ensembles with fashion bonnets, richly decorated with trimmings like laces and wide ribbon ties.

Genealogy research: Dating vintage photographs by clothing & hairstyles

Also visible in this man's attire is the very narrow silk tie at the collar. It was not uncommon for fashion plates to appear in American women's magazines a year or more after they appeared in Paris or London. Tinted cards, especially buff, are fashionable.

Less affluent families of course would have much more modest albums.

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The Children There are many portraits of the Coe family, including babies, children, and adults. Watch-chains are short, with an extra attachment for the universally worn locket.

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Bonnets were made specifically to accessorize a dress. Another standard of s bonnets is bonnet ties. At the end of World War I Pantaloons still fit closely, but are cut wider at the ankle, giving the necessary spring over the boot. Here we just do not know.

Victorian Clothing for Men from Harper's Bazaar

Undergarments[ edit ] The crinolette As skirts became narrower and flatter in front, more emphasis was placed on the waist and hips.

We know nothing more about the family other than what can be deduced from the photographs. In the 's and 70's trousers were worn close to the leg and long enough to reach the heels of the shoes.

In the the became for fitted and in between morphed into the suit we know today. Some of the children of course may have been photographed more than once at different ages. Soft cashmere, and Empress cloth in cashmere patterns, are made into handsome robes, and faced with satin.

Clothes/ Fashion Ads of the 1860s

Other sets for vest and cuffs are of the dark blue lapis lazuli, or of carved yellow ivory, the Brazilian beetles, and grinning death's heads of French enamel; but good taste dictates the more quiet styles, such as the smallest sized studs of Etruscan gold, or small jewels with very little gold visible in the setting.

High necklines with lace or tatted collars or chemisettes completed the demure daytime look. As well as making corsets more constricting, this heavy structure helped prevent them from riding up, or from wrinkling at the waist.