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The Isle of Wight became a full ceremonial county in Just off the A 31 between Farnham and Winchester. Although the Isle of Wight has at times been part of Hampshire, it has been administratively independent for over a century, obtaining a county council of its own in Loading… Portsmouth is a large city in the county of Hampshire, on the south coast of England.

Notable sites from this period include Hengistbury Head now in Dorsetwhich was a major port. Some deforestation took place at that time, although during the Bronze Dewezet flirtymaniabeginning in BCE, this became more widespread and systematic.

The Romans withdrew from Britain in CE. Loading… Basingstoke is a town in Hampshire. The later part of the Roman period had most towns build defensive walls; a pottery industry based in the New Forest exported items widely across southern Britain.

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A statue in Winchester celebrates the powerful King Alfredwho repulsed the Vikings and stabilised the region in the 9th century. The county was recorded in the Domesday Book divided into 44 hundreds.

Coastal towns engaged in fishing and exporting agricultural produce. By at the latest, the population of Southampton had outstripped that of Winchester. Loading… Hayling Island is in Hampshire. Hayling Island is a notable for being promoted and developed as a tourist destination by William Padwick.

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From the 12th century, the ports grew in importance, fuelled by trade with the continent, wool and cloth manufacture in the county, and the fishing industry, and a shipbuilding industry was established.

Alresford is a country market town on the River Arle in Hampshire. A fortification near Southampton was called Clausentumpart of the Saxon Shore forts, traditionally seen as defences against maritime raids by Germanic tribes.

By this period, the people of Britain predominantly spoke a Celtic languageand their culture shared much in common with the Celts described by classical writers.

Due to Hampshire's long association with pigs and boars, natives of the county have been known as Hampshire hogs since the 18th century.

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By the Roman conquest, the oppidum at Venta Belgarummodern-day Winchester, was the de facto regional administrative centre; Winchester was, however, of secondary importance to the Roman-style town of Calleva Atrebatummodern Silchesterbuilt further north by a dominant Belgic polity known as the Atrebates in the 50s BCE.

Loading… Odiham is a large village in Hampshire 's Hart district. Aldershot remains one of the British Army 's main permanent camps.

Supermarinethe designers of the Spitfire and other military aircraft, were based in Southampton, which led to severe bombing of the city in World War 2.

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Apart from a shared police forceno formal administrative links now exist between the Isle of Wight and Hampshire, though many organisations still combine Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Portsmouth historic dockyard, Over several centuries, a series of castles and forts was constructed along the coast of the Solent to defend the harbours at Southampton and Portsmouth.

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Loading… Beaulieu is a handsome village in the New Forestvery popular with visitors. Mayflower and Speedwell set sail for America from Southampton in Loading… Eastleigh is a town in the south of England that sits between Winchester and Southampton.

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Southampton and Portsmouth remained important harbours when rivals, such as Poole and Bristoldeclined, as they are amongst the few locations that combine shelter with deep water. Principal engagements were the Siege of Basing House between andand the Battle of Cheriton in ; both were significant Parliamentarian victories.

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Venta became the capital of the administrative polity of the Belgae, which included most of Hampshire and Wiltshire and reached as far as Bath. Loading… Romsey is a picturesque market town in HampshireEngland. Loading… Alton is in Hampshire. A scholar as well as a soldier, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a powerful tool in the development of the English identity, was commissioned in his reign.

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Petersfieldderived from 'St. Probably around this period, the first recorded invasion of Britain took place, as southern Britain was largely conquered by warrior-elites from Belgic tribes of northeastern Gaul - whether these two events are linked to the decline of hillforts is unknown.

Whether the people of Hampshire played any role in Boudicca's rebellion of CE is not recorded, but evidence of burning is seen in Winchester dated to around this period. It is generally believed their political leaders allowed themselves to be incorporated peacefully.

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Evidence of early Anglo-Saxon settlement has been found at Clausentum, dated to the fifth century. The first inhabitants were Mesolithic hunter-gatherers.

Loading… Petersfield is a small town in Hampshire.